a.s.a.p.r. is marking its 20th anniversary

With a splash of blue, the public relations firm a.s.a.p.r. is marking its 20th anniversary.

The color was added to the logo and bold “20th” and merged with the signature yellow to create a fresh green for the future.

“What came out was a fun, celebratory splotch. We wanted something fun,” said owner Robbie Tarpley Raffish.

A celebration is being planned for spring.

“We tell people all the time to celebrate milestones, so to not do it would be a bad example. From the ground up, we’re a family operation and we’re really proud,” Raffish said.

Founded as a tiny home business in West Chester, Pa., in 1996, a.s.a.p.r. started after Raffish’s company laid her off. Clients offered her projects and the business took hold.

In 2001, she relocated to Salisbury, at a time when, she said, a cannon could have been shot down empty Main Street and not hit anybody. The business continued to grow, though, and now has local, national and international clients.

“I’m so glad we came to Salisbury. To be part of the renaissance is wonderful. We’re really happy about it,” she said.

Named for the initials for “as soon as possible,” combined with the PR that means “public relations,” the business has loyal customers who stay for years. The average client returns two or three times.

“We have grown and changed. People said, ‘We love PR but we want marketing. We want advertising.’ We did that. Now we work almost exclusively for companies,” she said.

The logo, originally created by Cheryl Nemazie of Studio C and updated for the 20th anniversary by Debi Rus of Rus Design, is representative of the agency’s approach to work, Raffish said.

In 2011, the company introduced a.s.a.p.r. Creative Suite, described by Raffish as “the umbrella organization for its contractors.”

In 2015, it expanded to a larger office in the Gallery Building in Downtown Salisbury and opened a business incubator for Creative Suite.

“Being an entrepreneur has been the most amazing, occasionally terrifying and always gratifying experience,” she said.

“Over the years we’ve grown and adapted, expanding the team and incorporating branding and marketing, traditional and new media. I am extremely grateful for the support of our clients and contractor partners who have allowed our unique approach to integrated marketing to thrive,” she said.

Services include branding, rebranding, public relations, web and social media, product launches and traditional advertising. The firm’s website is asapr.com.



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