Candace Ray can help ease Lyme Disease treatments


Wellness coach Candace Ray, who suffered from Lyme Disease for a dozen years, has opened a business that guides others to improved health.

The Hebron resident opened Lyme Wellness DIY, or Do It Yourself, on the principle that she is in charge of heCandaceRayHeadshotr health and others can be, too.

“I have helped people by being a cheerleader for them so they don’t have to go through what I went through. Your life can get better. Once your get chronic Lyme you get very discouraged. I want to help people empower themselves by sharing what I have learned,” she said.

The key is healing the entire body, using diet and nutrition to build strengthen, she said.

“If the body is strong, then the treatment for Lyme  is a lot easier. I tell people to research holistic approaches,” she said.

Proper diet  is “the key thing,” she said. “If you have Lyme you have to build up the strength of your gut.”

“When you first start, until you get your gut strengthened, you might want to cut out dairy, soy, sugar, corn, eggs and gluten. You can eat all the protein, vegetables and fruits you want, and go heavy on vegetables. Eat whole, clean food and treat food as a medicine,” she said.

“If a food is not going to help you or support you, then avoid it,” she said.

While probiotics help build immunity, prebiotics, found in fermented food, are more beneficial, she said.

She also recommends detoxing by using saunas and taking baths with Epsom salt.

“I tell people how my experiences can help them. There’s a lot of stuff out there. The important thing is taking all the information and finding what is good for you,”  she said.

To schedule a consultation, call her at 661-204-1372.

Although Ray said Lyme Disease never goes away, she is now symptom free and feels well.

“I want people to feel positive. Very often, those diagnosed with Lyme are frightened. I try to encourage people. It doesn’t have to ruin your life. If you think positive you will get better,” she said.

“State of mind is huge in recovery.”


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