Chamber’s Stash Your Trash initiative seeks participants


Jenni Pastusak, at podium, and members of the Salisbury Area Chamber of Commerce’s Beautification Committee, gathered in front of the Chamber’s headquarters to announce this year’s “Stash Your Trash” business initiative.

With the goal of making the city free of litter, the Salisbury Area Chamber of Commerce’s Beautification Committee is partnering with the Stash Your Trash initiative and inviting the more than 700 Chamber members to join them.

Supervisors and bosses can help by picking up debris around their businesses and maybe giving employees a few minutes to help every day, as together, city residents create a trash-free zone.

To get involved, a business only has to call the Chamber office.

“They send us information and we designate them as a litter-free zone. We give them a certificate,  take their pictures and promote that they care about their community, that they are cleaning up and they have pride in the city and in their businesses,” explained Jenni Pastusak, chairwoman of Stash Your Trash.

A checklist will be distributed to participants and made available in the Chamber office. Those who mark off tasks will earn the Litter Free Zone designation and be honored in the Salisbury Business Journal and promoted in local media.

Checklist items include being sure trash receptacles are heavy enough not to blow over and covering them. Companies will be urged to recycle.

Signs have been made with a drawing of a bird perched on the end of a trash can and bulleted facts, including that one mile of highway contains 16,000 pieces of litter.

Among those already involved is Lower Shore Enterprises. Because it’s located near the county landfill, trash sometimes falls from trash trucks that are heading there.

“The people at Lower Shore Enterprises said, ‘This is a problem’ so they are going to help by going out to pick up trash,” Pastusak said.

Salisbury Neighborhood Housing expressed interested, as did Hopper’s Taphouse. A client at Dove Point volunteered to adopted part of a roadway and make sure it stays clean.

“The city has offered its full support. (City Administrator) Julia (Glanz) said, ‘Whatever you need, just let us know. We will help promote it,’” Pastusak said.

Committee members want to see bosses and supervisors join in the litter-free effort for what she called a “top down view.”

The idea was born during a meeting, when a member of the beautification committee said she read about a similar campaign in another state and suggested it be done in Salisbury.

“You have to change the mindset. If people walk past litter or throw it out a car window, how do you make those people care? One of our committee members is going into the schools. We want to start young and get our kids involved,” Pastusak said.

“That’s eye opening when your 6-year-old son says, ‘Mom, you’re not supposed to litter,’” she said.

“It doesn’t take a lot of time. Have your staff take five minutes to look around the property. If everyone picked up three piece of trash it would make a big difference,” she said.


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