Evolution Brewing releases new ‘Hand Picked Series’


Evolution Craft Brewing Co. has released its original Hand Picked Series and introduced Raspberry Sour and Peach Sour beers.

Brewed and available only at EVO, the flavored beers are made with fresh fruit and aged in oak barrels for a sour and tart flavor.

The Hand-Picked Series Raspberry Sour is Belgian pale ale aged in port barrels for 16 months and made with 100 pounds of raspberries and the bacterium that ferments it, brettanomyces lambicus.

The Hand-Picked Series Peach Sour is Belgian pale ale aged in red wine barrels for 18 months with the bacteria brettanomyces bruxellensis, brettanomyces lambicus and i. brevis, said Sam Gibson, brand manager at EVO.

“Sours have become popular recently. We age it 16 to 18 months, then the beer continues to ferment in the bottle so you get that sour, tart taste,” Gibson said.

“We don’t have a ton. It should be available for the next month or two,” Gibson said, adding the next batch will be made with strawberries.

“Fruit, oak and a bit of funk are prominent in the aroma.

The ruby-colored beer is slightly tart and fruity balanced with oak character. The fruit was macerated in the beer for the duration of the aging,” Gibson said.

The Hand-Picked series is designed to pay homage to the days when the railroad that runs by the brewery carried fresh produce, Gibson said.

Trains would stop by the former ice plant, where the brewery is now, so produce could be packed on ice to preserve it during its journey.

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