Greater Salisbury leadership awards to focus on college students

Students at Salisbury University, the University of Maryland Eastern Shore and Wor-Wic Community College will be eligible for recognition of their leadership activities under a new program just announced by the Greater Salisbury Committee and the three schools of higher education.

Each student winner will receive a $1,000 cash award and recognition, jointly from their institution and the Greater Salisbury Committee.

“Improving a community depends on its quality of leadership,” said T. Jan Wiseman, executive director of GSC. “College students are our future and we want to recognize the tremendous work that many of them already are doing today for the community, and then use their examples to encourage other future leaders to get involved.”

The new awards program is an outgrowth of GSC’s long history of helping improve the community through leadership development and recognition.

Present and past leadership programs by the Greater Salisbury Committee have sought to improve leadership skills of K-12 educators in the tri-county area through the Academy for Leadership in Education.

Improving political discourse was GSC’s goal through the Civic and Governmental Leadership Academy. Community-wide conversations on basic issues such as education, growth, and crime, brought together many on the Lower Eastern Shore through the Community Leaders Workshop.

Administrators in each of the three schools will be announcing the recognition competition in their school this month, including the process and procedures.

The award process involves completing the original application and meeting each school-specific criteria, submitting materials and competing in each school’s interview process.  Each school will submit its top three finalists and the final judging will be done by members of GSC which will pick the winner for each institution.

At GSC’s March 2015 Banquet, the top leader from each school will be jointly announced by GSC and the university or community college.

Greater Salisbury Committee is a 47-year-old not-for-profit organization of business CEOs in a five-county area of the Eastern Shore which works for general community and civic improvement.

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