Headquarters Live headed for Jan. 30 opening

As Headquarters Live owners celebrate approval of their liquor license on Dec. 9, their manager, Jim Baeurle, is planning a soft opening with a private event for supporters.

Called Sound Check, it will feature live entertainment, said Baeurle, a long-time promoter who has worked with such acts as the Dave Matthews Band, Train and Dion.

Planned for Jan. 30 at Headquarters Live is the show Bruce in the U.S.A., a Bruce Springsteen tribute show.

“We want to appeal to a wide arrange of ages. There is certainly an experimental quality to what we’re trying to  attempt,” said Baeurle, a Pennsylvania native who lives in Delaware and has been a promoter about 30 years.

“We’re going to do original entertainment, jazz, country, rock. We’ll try all kinds of genres and see what sticks,” he said.

He’s confident locals will be pleased with the variety and  caliber of acts  performing at Headquarters Live, owned by Joey Gilkerson and Bradley Gillis.

Gillis said the two are landlords to Baeurle.

Headquarters Live is expected to receive its certificate of occupancy this week. There’s a seating capacity of around 500, parking for 750 and a courtyard suitable for food trucks to operate during shows. Soda and water will also be sold, along with beer and wine.

“Realistically thinking, we want to keep most shows in the  $8 to $25 range. If it’s something unique, a rare club appearance or small venue appearance, people know they will pay more money,” Baeurle said.

He and his wife, Courtney, have three daughters, Lucy, a college student, and 10-year-old twins, Grace and Lily. The children are musically inclined, which gave him the idea to plan talent-driven shows.

“I want to do young talent. My kids are part of rock and roll camp every summer,” he said.

He praised Headquarters Live for its “nice open room with a stage, so we can be as versatile as we possibly can be, to the extent that we can interact with theater groups and dance groups,” he said.

“It’s a really good community outreach. We want to be a really big part of the community,” he said.

Community feedback has been positive, he said, and encouraging.

“There is a positive vibe about this coming to town. We’re going to put out quality shows in a safe environment. I think it would be wonderful venue for weddings, especially for people involved in the fire service. We’re not going to pigeonhole ourselves into one area. If you want to have a wedding there, you can,” he said. Space could also be rented to bands, for rehearsals.

Headquarters Live has three levels, a basement for storage and dressing rooms, the main floor for shows and a second level for offices.

Gillis said he, Gilkerson and Baeurle are “excited about the next few steps we are going to take with Headquarters Live.”

“Having the ability to serve beer and wine makes this art and entertainment and music venue economically viable,” he said.

“We set the stage up for Jim to begin to do his thing. He’s got the background. He’s got the expertise. He can get the job done. We’re excited to partner with him and fulfill our obligation to the city and community for what we’ve been planning for over a year now,” Gillis said.

The community is eager, he said.

“All the citizens who have spoken to us  said they want a music venue, community events, concerts, shows. It’s about time we fulfilled that, so 2015 is going to be a great year,” Gillis said.

“This is one more great thing for downtown.”


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