Jenna Robinson revives Downtown coffee shop

At SBY Coffee, a steaming cup of the house blend gives customers a reason to “espresso” themselves — and they are expressing pleasure in the new shop.

Formerly Main Roots, SBY Coffee, at 111 West Main St. on the Downtown Plaza, is owned by Jenna Robinson, a 24-year-old entrepreneur and member of the Robinson’s Jewelry and Clock family.

“The opportunity came and I jumped on it. I am enjoying every second of it,” said Robinson, who formerly ran an icy snowball stand in Salisbury, operating it three years.

“I had a little trailer and I went around to different places. I don’t have that anymore. In middle and high school, I learned to run a business. I learned that from my parents. I still work there. I went to jewelry school and I have two degrees, two bench degrees for gem setting,” she said.

“At the coffee shop, we have a variety of coffees. They are all locally roasted. Our sausage balls are a family recipe and they are absolutely amazing. It’s a mixture of flour, sausage and cheese. We used to get them for holidays or birthdays when we were growing up. Now, we have them on the menu all the time,” Robinson said.

“We have different smoothies and frappes if you’re not a coffee drinker. We have teas in both hot and cold flavors and hot chocolate. We make our chocolate sauce from scratch,” she said.

Sandwiches are being planned to add to the menu, as well as egg muffins, vegetable and vegan muffins and little muffins with hash browns baked inside.

Also on the menu are brownies, homemade blueberry, banana and chocolate chip muffins, chocolate truffles and pecan pie truffles.

Customers like the layout inside, where there is seating and the invitation to relax.

On Saturdays at 6:30 p.m. until closing, customers are invited to play board games and card games such as Family Feud and Uno.

Open every day from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., and at least until 9 on Friday nights, the shop is becoming known not only for sausage balls, but also for the house blend coffee from Nicaragua.

“It’s a female-owned company in Nicaragua. Being a female, I want to support other females. It’s a nice, mild coffee, not crazy strong, but a great taste,” Robinson said.

She wanted to open a coffee shop, she said, because she is a self-described “huge coffee drinker.”

Salisbury Police Officer Aaron “Bull” Hudson, who died in November, and whose bicycle patrol beat included the Downtown Plaza, was pleased about plans for SBY Coffee, after Main Roots, formerly in that location, closed in late October.

“He was so excited. Before his passing, he said he would hang out here,” Robinson said.

“As soon as I knew Main Roots was closing, I thought about opening this coffee shop. I love Salisbury. I wanted to have something locally roasted and support Salisbury as much as I can,” Robinson said.

“I’ve always loved coffee. I love baking. I just thought this was something I could do and bring to the community, especially being born and raised here.

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