Wicomico County property transactions: June 22-28, 2014

The following property transactions were recorded in Wicomico County June 22-28, 2014:

Rodney W. Rathel

to US Bank Trust

24868 Delmar Road, Mardela Springs


Terra Firma Holdings LLC

to Steven E. Smith

49.78 acres on Canter Lane, Hebron


Hebron Savings Bank

to Washburn Properties LLC

365 Carey Ave., Salisbury


Richard & Michelle Olenick

to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp.

509 Holly Ridge Ct., Salisbury


Craig L. Scott

to James DiFazio

5915 Cooper Road, Eden


Deborah A. Payne

to Federal National Mortgage Assoc.

1504 Magnolia Drive, Salisbury


Hebron Savings Bank

to Washburn Properties

308 Park Ave., Salisbury


Irvin & June Stevens

to Greenpoint Mortgage Funding

5910 Tappan Lane, Salisbury


Rutledge Realty

to Steven E. Bartlett

307 North Boulevard, Salisbury


Hayward Handy

to Wink’s Properties LLC

40 acres at 27740 Ocean Gateway, Hebron


Joseph & Ella Nevedale

to Phillip L. Wells

323 East Church St., Hebron


Cleon & Gina Deal

to Joseph E. Martin

511 North Main St., Hebron


Federal National Mortgage Assoc.

to Christine M. Middlecamp

1705 Crawford Drive, Salisbury


Christopher and Pamela Gebo

to Calvin D. Paulson

5745 Forest Grove Road, Parsonsburg


Lisa Duncan

to Primestar Fund

31883 Morris Leonard Road, Parsonsburg


Sec. of Housing & Urban Development


211 Mildale Drive, Salisbury



to Richard C. Wilson

5951 Deer Creek Drive, Pittsville


Mary L. Thomas

to Nieves F. Golphin

1510 West Road, Salisbury


William & Debra Lee

to Elijah Williamson

5610 Royal Mile Blvd, Salisbury


Jong Dae & Kyu Myong Jin

to Latoya Milligan

5524 Abbey Lane, Salisbury


Kevin R. Moore

to Edward L. Holland

305 South Maryland Ave., Delmar


William Clayton Hearn III

to Midfirst Bank

202 East Pine St., Delmar


Rommy Claros

to Federal National Mortgage Assoc.

30365 Trestle Place, Delmar


John A. Milligan

to Frank C. Morrison III

403 Woodcrest Ave., Salisbury


Edward B. Miller

to Betty P. Smith

1112 South Schumaker Drive, Salisbury


Salisbury Neighborhood Housing

to Sharlene Sainnatus

709 Delaware Ave., Salisbury


Jay B. & Patricia Province

to Wells Fargo Bank

513 Camden Ave., Salisbury


Federal National Mortgage Assoc.

to Susan M. Stockton

403 Weaver Drive, Salisbury


Sharon R. Felder

to SunTrust Mortgage Inc.

9967 East Grapevine Road, Mardela Springs


Brendan P. Shortt

to RYT Rentals LLC

901 North Division St., Salisbury


Ralph & Connie Coleman

to Md. Dept. of Housing & Community

8497 North Prong Lane, Delmar


Sec. of Housing & Urban Development

to Frank E. Hoge

1710 Glen Ave., Salisbury


Kenneth A. Mills

to Mario Contreras

26947 Siloam Road, Salisbury


Richard Reichenberg

to Federal National Mortgage Assoc.

36147 Windmere Court, Willards


Walter S. Hooper Jr.

to Federal National Mortgage Assoc.

311 East Lillian St., Hebron


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