Wicomico Property Transactions: July 5-12, 2014

The following property transactions were recorded in Wicomico County July 5-12, 2014:

Purnell D. White Jr.

to Kensington Manor VI LLC

1305 Robbins Ave., Salisbury


Scott A. Edwards

to Robert D. Payne

3960 Oyster Shell Lane, Bivalve


Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp.

to Thomas E. Carlin

1033 Riverside Drive, Salisbury


John F. Long Jr.

to John William Agnew

31028 Zion Road, Parsonsburg


Thomas and Carolyn Collins

to Jedidah M. Frick

1117 New Bedford Way, Salisbury


Ramona Brockett

to Sung Hyun Joe

408 Linderhurst Court, Salisbury


Vascana Investment Co.

to Keith R. Whitten Jr.

7412 Main St., Willards


Laurie J. Massey

to Patricia K. King

36155 Windmere Court, Willards


Wells Kirby LLC

to David J. Mayonado

Residential Lot, Rewastico Village, Hebron


Curtis L. Hancock

to Cynthia A. Houghtaling

912 Marble Court, Salisbury


Arthur A. and Betty Widdowson

to Arthur A. Widdowson

26666 Cottman Road, Eden


Richard E. Farrell

to Billy C. Jones

8 Spruce St., Delmar


Peter and Cynthia Vetere

to Ronnie D. Foxwell Jr.

20402 Nanticoke Drive, Nanticoke


Gerald Elmer

to Reyna Ventura

618 Spring Garden Ave., Salisbury


Naomie R. Caswell

to Kristen Goller

32114 Bonhill Drive, Salisbury


Eddy Robbins

to Sheila Lovett

7325 Laurens Way, Parsonsburg


Katherine Johnson

to Mitchell Parks Sr.

8062 Cedar Court, Hebron


Marshall Home & Land

to Roland Wayne Janschek

24.36 acres on Holt Road, Parsonsburg


David Engelman

to Joshua Myers

224 West Main St., Salisbury


Donald W. Bauman

to Jolene Pearce

9408 Spring Hill Lane, Hebron


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