Wicomico Property Transactions, June 1-7, 2014

The following property transactions were recorded in Wicomico County, June 1-7, 2014:

Charles Lowe

to Michael W. Brittingham

24880 Mardela Road, Mardela Springs


Louise W. Tingle

to Orville J. Outten

608 Zion Road, Salisbury


Frances M. Sistrunk

to Thomas A. Beyer

918 James Ct., Salisbury


Scott H. and Sandra McKenna

to Ronald R. Clark

505 Parker Road, Salisbury


Susan F. Revelle

to William Thompson III

1004 Bayshore Ct., Salisbury


George W. Baldwin

to Donald B. Horner

1017 E. Schumaker Manor Drive, Salisbury


Darryl W. Smith

to Innovative Construction Solutions LLC

221 New York Ave., Salisbury


William M. Schlining

to Federal National Mortgage Association

4083 Stockyard Road, Eden


Roland L. Kroneberger

to Jominique Johnson

305 Brookdale Drive, Salisbury


James W. Tapman II

to Joseph D. Bounds Jr.

304 Andover Drive, Salisbury


Michael J. Scrobola

to Trevor L. Abbott

30897 Ward Road, Salisbury


Teresa Fleming

to Dana E. Whitechair

416 Dogwood Drive, Salisbury


Michael G. Abercrombie Jr.

to Jeffrey Vivalo

512 Tony Tank Lane, Fruitland


Devin D. Brown

to Eric R. Rittinger

5201 Dove Point Lane, Fruitland


Dean R. and Ruth Reed

to Mollie K. Beebe

107 Justice Ave., Salisbury


Donna M. Jackson

to SwordFish Properties LLC

10 E. Pine St., Delmar


Philip N. Tonelli

to Federal National Mortgage Association

304 Morriston Circle, Salisbury


Matilde C. Stuardo

to Federal National Mortgage Association

27002 South Tourmaline Drive, Hebron


Eric T. Hodges

to Colby R. Flowers

604 Douglas Road, Salisbury


Dwayne D. Lockman Jr.

to Kimberly Anne Thompson

1705 Jersey Road, Salisbury


Federal National Mortgage Association

to Holly Worthington

306 S. Clairmont Drive, Salisbury


Thelma J. Lewis

to Molnar Investment Properties

7255 Lewis Lane, Willards


Eugene O. Hudyma

to Molnar Investment Properties

7980 Green Lewis Road, Willards


Reoco Inc.

to Jack M. Boltz

30565 Bennett Road, Salisbury


Dorothy and Arthur S, Pawling Sr.

to Charles Barnes

902 Winding Way, Salisbury


Federal National Mortgage Association

to Kathryn Elizabeth Quillin

6674 Oak Ridge Drive, Hebron


Jessica R Hitt

to SunTrust Mortgage Inc.

1437 Hidden Meadow Lane, Salisbury


Roland D. and Edwina Parkinson

to Pi Yu Yang

227 Canal Park Drive, Salisbury


Bill T. and Janel L. Massey

to Harold D. Flynn

10303 Riverton Road, Mardela Springs


Phillip R. Parker Sr.

to J.H. Malone Construction Inc

Lot, Mason David Lane, Parsonsburg


Secretary of Veteran’s Affairs

to Ross Perim

6750 Edwards Ave., Salisbury


Dennis Lee White Jr.

to Wells Fargo Bank

30592 Zion Road, Salisbury


Arnold L. Waller

to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Association

601 Ardmore Terrace, Salisbury


Eastwood Development LLC

to Diane E. Snead

25.5 acres on Parsonsburg Road, Parsonsburg


David N. and Laureen P. Hilton

to Travis J. Sprull

3285 Blue Heron Way, Eden


Anah J. Neilson

to Joan G. Sullivan Trust

5936 Tappan Lane, Salisbury


Thomas and Lenore Gregory

to Navy Federal Credit Union

711 Burning Tree Circle, Fruitland


Emmett Mark Deborde

to Robert D. Core Jr.

7943 Darren Court, Hebron


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