Wicomico Property Transactions: June 15-21, 2014

The following Wicomico Property Transactions were recorded June 15-21, 2014:

Ernest H. Hastings Jr.

to Federal National Mortgage Assoc.

31683 East Line Road, Delmar


Phillip C. and Dorothy Cooper

to Jeannette H. DiBlasi

1100 South Schumaker Drive, Salisbury


Letitia M. Bates

to Blaine L. Hitchens

115 Hall Drive, Salisbury


J. Irving and Joan Farrow

to Theodore L. Hoey

812 East Church St., Salisbury


Ronald and Barbara Hearn

to Bahram Yarali

1511 Magnolia Drive, Salisbury


Joseph and Anne Zumbo

to Ghouse U. Farooqui

2.16 acres at 6863 Powellville Road, Willards


Michael Tramonti Jr.

to Charles B. Hughes

25049 Ocean Gateway, Mardela Springs


John and Donna Thurman

to Meredith S. Palm

26824 Gunners Circle, Salisbury


Federal National Mortgage Assoc.

to Vance Webster Jr.

7815 Parsonsburg Road, Parsonsburg


Federal National Mortgage Assoc.

to Victor Trejo Ledesma

211 Records St., Salisbury


Cynthia Azar

to Timothy R. Sherman

209 North Park Drive, Salisbury


Joanne L. Osterman

to Donald C. Gattc

717 South Kaywood Drive, Salisbury


James D. Sherlock

to Jonathon S. Paul

109 Priscilla St., Salisbury


Robert D. Wilsey

to Seth J. Bostick

922 James Court, Salisbury


Whitnie P. Willin

to East Coast R&R LLC

829 Johnson Road, Salisbury


Fermin Claudio Cobian

to Michelle L. Bachman

710 South Park Drive, Salisbury


Barry P. and Mary Wilson

to Barbara P. Koontz

117 Covered Bridge Lane


Elliott Development

to Todd Justice

7.35 acres on Fanleaf Court, Parsonsburg


Marjorie J. Straub

to Steven W. Straub

1504 Windham Court, Salisbury


Justin and Tina Binstead

to Debebe Fikremariam

26825 Robert Burns Lane, Salisbury


Fredericka Danielus

to Tracy Lewis

20760 Cove Road, Bivalve


Brian M. Barron

to Heather L. Fryer

8025 Farm House Road, Hebron


Jeffrey Michael Lattinville

to Federal National Mortgage Assoc.

26158 Bosch Lane, Hebron


Lisa M. Rittmeyer

to Bruce Furbush Jr.

34268 Main St., Pittsville


Kevin and Lisa Coleman

to Isaac B. White Jr.

Norris Twilley Road, Sharptown


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