Bob Culver offers 2019 ‘State of the County’ report

County Executive Bob Culver presented his annual State of the County report at an event held Dec. 16 at the Wicomico Youth & Civic Center. Culver, a Republican who in December began the second year of his second term as the county administrative leader, stressed quality-of-life issues, financial stewardship and a hopeful future. — Editor. […]

Culver gives ‘State of the County’ review

As the 2019 year begins in earnest, Wicomico County Executive Bob Culver has issued his annual report — his “State of the County” review. The executive’s account of county conditions reviews accomplishments and lays out the picture of progress hoped for in the coming year. — Editor. It is always nice to be given the […]

Bob Culver: Open discussion on Revenue Cap worthwhile

Lately, because of a report put forward by the Greater Salisbury Committee and coverage of the issue in the Salisbury Independent, much interest and attention has been given to Wicomico County’s Revenue Cap. So what, if any, restrictions has it caused on the growth of Wicomico County? Many people will say it has been a […]

Bob Culver: Thanks to employees who powered through blizzard

On New Year’s Day, a nor’easter was predicted to hit the lower Eastern Shore but not be significant. Unfortunately, as conditions changed, it became a true blizzard for our area.   Wicomico County was one of the hardest hit counties in Maryland, because of its location just a little inward from the coast. As the […]

Culver issues 2018 State of the County report

The year 2017 was a special one of celebration and accomplishment for Wicomico County. Opportunities to communicate our achievements are normally few and far between. I would like to take a moment to highlight the abundant accomplishments that have taken place in my first three years in office. Even more exciting are the numerous accomplishments […]

Bob Culver: Council should leave Wor-Wic program alone

I’m always amazed when people call for change and yet keep doing the same thing expecting different results. When I ran for County Executive one of my major topics was jobs. The citizens said that they want not only more jobs, but better jobs in Wicomico County. While it is true that we lost many […]

Bob Culver: Wicomico spending is in control

Those who like to say that Wicomico County spending is out of control or has accelerated at an alarming rate just aren’t keeping their eyes on the ball. Rather than looking at county budgets and making wild conclusions, it’s more appropriate to analyze actual spending. Let’s look back and review what happened, and what has […]

Bob Culver: Contractal lawyer saves money

One of my goals as County Executive has been to run Wicomico County more like a business. I promised to review how we are doing business in the county and make some changes that make good economic sense. For example, let’s look at our Legal Department. Having the best legal advice is critical to ensuring […]

Bob Culver: Vote no on charter amendments

As Wicomico County residents head to the polls in November, they will be focused on the Presidential election. And rightly so. But after they cast their vote for the next President, they will be confronted with a barrage of amendments to the Wicomico County Charter that will leave their heads spinning. The Wicomico County Council […]

Bob Culver: Exploring county’s tax sale options

How many times have you heard the phrase – “Well that’s just how we’ve always done it…”? It’s not an expression I enjoy hearing. And since I’ve been elected County Executive, I’ve heard that expression a lot. Take the way we handle delinquent taxes owed on a property. The county has always mailed a bill […]