Opinion: Anderton offers the leadership Wicomico needs

While our community mourns the loss of Wicomico County Executive Bob Culver, it’s important to take time to celebrate his accomplishments and his dedication to our county. During these challenging times, we need to remain focused on our community’s future and continue our forward progress. Per the County Charter, the County Council only has 45-days […]

Brad Gillis: Let’s lead with honesty, humility and vision

This is an extremely challenging time in our community. We will remember Covid-19 for the rest of our lives, this experience will reshape the world for generations to come. The deadly virus Covid-19 is here, in our community; no sugar-coating the circumstances we are truly joined together in a fight for everything we love about […]

Brad Gillis: Using Economies of Scale to tip the scale in your favor

Economies of Scale.  The concept is not complex and can translate across all industries. Efficiency grows, in production and in operations, as size increases. It can be demonstrated with a simple example – Imagine you are opening up a pizza shop and you need to print menus. Your printer quotes you $5,000 for 500 menus […]