Brice Stump: Nanticoke Road’s pyramid in the woods

There’s no doubt about it, the pyramid in the woods is a peculiar sight. Each year thousands of motorists whiz by the wooded patch along Nanticoke Road where this marker stands. Some have traveled the road for years and have yet to see it. While there are tombstones by the brick structure, about 6 feet […]

Mason-Dixon ‘mystery stones’ reset in Hebron

Salisbury surveyor John Andrews made history when he recently reset one of the famous Mason-Dixon “mystery stones” in a wooded lot near Hebron. For at least 40 years, Andrews had been intrigued with these markers, associated with English surveyors/mathematicians Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon. They were cut and shipped from England  to mark the north-south […]

Bill Simms collects advertisements set in stone

Advertising today means being on social media platforms that create electronic images that wow and dazzle potential customers. With sound, color, movement and state of the art graphics, company ads fight for every penny of the consumer’s retail dollars. A century ago, local merchants relied on their names being stenciled or incised into stoneware crocks […]

Journal tells of Shore life during 1918 Spanish Flu

A century ago the Eastern Shore and the nation dealt with an influenza epidemic that is chilling in the similarities it shares with today’s Covid-19 pandemic. By autumn 1918, and through early 1920, the global population was hit by Spanish Influenza, the name then-associated with the H1N1 virus. Although often linked to Spain as a […]

Lighthouse keeper to be memorialized in Allen

You could walk by the tombstone of Otho Bounds and never give it a second look. It’s just another gray granite stone among the hundreds in the church cemetery in Allen. That’s soon going to change. The Chesapeake Chapter of the U.S. Lighthouse Society is placing a special bronze marker at the grave on Saturday, […]

Pemberton Hall’s ‘magical doors’ being restored

The bottom of the wooden doors were rotting. It would have been far cheaper to get new doors then to repair the damage. After all, a door’s a door, right?.  Not so, said Pat Taylor, Chairwoman of the Pemberton Hall Foundation Board. She led the effort to have two entrance doors on the west side […]

Despite mast controversy, skipjack has a new life

The Somerset, one of the iconic skipjacks of Deal Island, Chance and Mount Vernon, has a new owner and a new captain. The boat had been owned by Capt. Walt Benton of Mount Vernon for decades until his death last June. Benton dredged oysters each fall with a five- or six-man crew. Upon his death, […]

Brice Stump: The Christmas Tale of Potato and Turnip

A special kind of Christmas gift came early to Katie Howard. This year she is able to tell a tale about three cats — Potato, Turnip and Kale — and how a three-year mystery that brings tears to her eyes was solved. Pets, as most of us know, often make a sweet transition to becoming […]

Dan Fountain has lived a lifetime of turkeys

There is, tucked into a tiny office in a shop in rural Sussex County, a sight probably unlike any other to be found in the nation. Each year it draws the curious by the hundreds. It’s a man cave’s man cave — a room stuffed, crammed and packed with enough turkey hunting collectables that the […]

Cambridge history revealed in chimney renovations

It looks like a giant hawk’s nest, made with pieces of netting, boards, railings, buckets, rope and cable.  Situated atop a growing tower of brick, now 75 feet high, a crew works to restore an iconic Cambridge landmark, the twin chimneys of the once famous Phillips Packing House. The chimneys, and an attached 60,000-square-foot warehouse, […]