Saving Wicomico history can come with a high price tag

The estimate for roof repairs was shocking. By anyone’s standards, $71,000 is a lot of money. Yet the steeple and roof on the former Whitehaven United Methodist Church is leaking and must be repaired. Members of the Whitehaven Heritage Association, which owns the building, are struggling to raise funds to cover project costs. The need […]

Village residents rallying to help orphaned dog

At age 11, Samuel has a cataract in his left eye, and severe glaucoma in his other. So severe, the eye had to be removed Monday of this week. In late spring, he was treated for intestinal tract and ear infections. There was the heartbreak, too, of the loss of his owner, Wendy Thompson, who […]

Despite change, Powellville retains historic charm

Motorists might forget the 10 seconds passing through the heart of Powellville, were it not for the peculiar sight of two Victorian-era-styled churches side by side. You can almost hear Beulah Rayne play the piano in the 1940s, as the congregation sings “Heavenly Sunshine” or “Faith of Our Fathers” at the church once in sight […]

After decades, house of dreams is finally completed

Years ago, it was a peculiar sight from Mount Vernon Road, west of Princess Anne. Across a field of early autumn’s golden weeds, near the edge of the woods, sat a two-story wooden house with an end of brick. It was distinctive with its patterned wall of red and blue bricks and massive chimney. The […]

The faded ghost of a Chevy becomes an object of beauty

When remains of the 1922 Chevrolet Coupe 490 were coming down Deal Island Road on a rollback, it looked as though it was on its way to a landfill. Plenty of rust, no roof and worthless flat tires, the skeleton of the car lost even more of its peeling paints as it shook in the […]

Hambrooks Light: Going, going: Almost gone

It may be the maritime community’s equivalent of the once beloved Wye Oak, a 400-year-old-plus landmark that had been around so long, until it fell in a windstorm in June 2002, people just expected it to always be there. Time, too, is running out for the Hambrooks Bar Light, or lighthouse as some call it, […]

Salisbury graveyard contains history and mysteries

A team of volunteers has hit the ground running in an effort to clean up a special cemetery between Route 50 East and Salisbury City Park along Commerce Street. It is the Houston Cemetery, an all-African American graveyard that is one of the city’s oldest, dating to 1901. Salisbury businessman Eddie Dean is leading the […]

Brice Stump: Nanticoke Road’s pyramid in the woods

There’s no doubt about it, the pyramid in the woods is a peculiar sight. Each year thousands of motorists whiz by the wooded patch along Nanticoke Road where this marker stands. Some have traveled the road for years and have yet to see it. While there are tombstones by the brick structure, about 6 feet […]

Mason-Dixon ‘mystery stones’ reset in Hebron

Salisbury surveyor John Andrews made history when he recently reset one of the famous Mason-Dixon “mystery stones” in a wooded lot near Hebron. For at least 40 years, Andrews had been intrigued with these markers, associated with English surveyors/mathematicians Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon. They were cut and shipped from England  to mark the north-south […]

Bill Simms collects advertisements set in stone

Advertising today means being on social media platforms that create electronic images that wow and dazzle potential customers. With sound, color, movement and state of the art graphics, company ads fight for every penny of the consumer’s retail dollars. A century ago, local merchants relied on their names being stenciled or incised into stoneware crocks […]