Brice Stump: Skipjack book allows public reconnection

As fast as it came, so has it left, Christmas 2017. Yet there are still decorated trees with colored lights, greens on the mantel and candles remaining in the windows. Christmas in some homes lingers with plenty of homemade cookies to be eaten, holiday music yet to enjoy and quiet, slow evenings in front of […]

Brice Stump: Through the Christmas window

The first small snowflakes began to fall, tossed and swirled by a biting wind that came strong between the holly boughs and cedar trees on the hill. It was almost evening, when the dark clouds made the end of day come sooner to the empty house in the naked field of soybean stubble. Almost Christmas, […]

Newspaper contest changed Salisbury family’s life

It’s just a piece of old newspaper, remarkably crisp and bright even though it’s almost 71 years old. The bottom right hand corner has a section missing, a rectangle neat cut from the colorful ad enticing youngsters to enter a cereal contest. For decades it has been kept in a drawer, or chest or box, […]

Somerset Choice helps to preserve Teackle mansion

There’s all kinds of interesting inventory and personalities at Somerset Choice Antiques here, but who would ever have guessed that the lady seated behind the counter was a big winner on TV’s game show, “The Price Is Right?” Retired Wicomico County educator Jetta Reynolds really knows what it’s like to be surrounded with bling and […]

Courthouse tower undergoing restoration

There is a time capsule in Salisbury unlike any other in Wicomico County. Since 1878, men have been visiting a small room about 9 feet by 9 feet square, four stories above ground. Over the decades, visitors here have scrawled their names and dates on the wooden walls and framework. This lofty chamber, almost to […]

Brice Stump: Trimper’s honored with Arts Award

  Trimper’s Rides and Amusements of Ocean City enters the new year with the satisfaction and pride of having been named the recipient of the Maryland State Arts Council Maryland Traditions Heritage Award for 2016. Trimper’s, on the Boardwalk, has been operating in the resort since 1893, make it the oldest continually owned amusement center […]

For Danny Long, life chapter closes, another begins

As he was packing mementoes of his 26 years as Circuit Court Administrative Judge Daniel M. Long took from his office shelf a small plaque reading, “It is what it is.” After 26 years on the bench, Long’s career changed at the end of December when he was officially “retired” from the bench as he […]

Mystery surrounds Mason-Dixon marker stones

Salisbury surveyor John Andrews has spent years trying to crack the mystery behind peculiar stone markers found around Mardela Springs. They are not just field stones but rare and historically important markers almost identical to those used by the famous Jeremiah Dixon and Charles Mason team of England who surveyed the famous line in 1763-1767 […]

Herman Fletcher has a love affair with a Model T

Dragon flies hovered for a moment, looking inside the aging garage as retired farmer Herman Fletcher worked in the heat of the day on the engine of a 1928 Chevrolet four-cyclinder coup. There was the clanging of metal against metal as Fletcher, 91, wrestled with a stuck this, a stubborn that. He was helping a […]

In historic Whitehaven, a new calling for an old church

There are no more saloons or ballrooms in Whitehaven. Gone, too, are the shops, tomato factory, shipbuilding yard, the wharf. From the past, the school remains, quiet these days, and also the famed Whitehaven Hotel, steeped in antiques, ambiance, peace and village charm. Just along a narrow street old maples shade the old Whitehaven Methodist […]