Brice Stump: The Christmas Tale of Potato and Turnip

A special kind of Christmas gift came early to Katie Howard. This year she is able to tell a tale about three cats — Potato, Turnip and Kale — and how a three-year mystery that brings tears to her eyes was solved. Pets, as most of us know, often make a sweet transition to becoming […]

Dan Fountain has lived a lifetime of turkeys

There is, tucked into a tiny office in a shop in rural Sussex County, a sight probably unlike any other to be found in the nation. Each year it draws the curious by the hundreds. It’s a man cave’s man cave — a room stuffed, crammed and packed with enough turkey hunting collectables that the […]

Cambridge history revealed in chimney renovations

It looks like a giant hawk’s nest, made with pieces of netting, boards, railings, buckets, rope and cable.  Situated atop a growing tower of brick, now 75 feet high, a crew works to restore an iconic Cambridge landmark, the twin chimneys of the once famous Phillips Packing House. The chimneys, and an attached 60,000-square-foot warehouse, […]

Meet the toughest, oldest of the Saltwater Cowboys

Just like an old aged Virginia country ham, cured with plenty of salt to last, cowboy Jack Brittingham is riding tall in the saddle with staying power too. He is a genuine Saltwater Cowboy of Chincoteague fame, a bonafide horse lover through and through who has been helping fellow cowboys round up wild ponies for […]

She’s Gordon Gladden’s devotion: The Ida May

Water trickled from the seam between the bottom planks and the keel of the skipjack Ida May. Owner Gordon Gladden, 79, of Salisbury, hammered the sharp chisel into the wood, forcing out pieces of caulking that had been applied last year to make a watertight seam. But the seam failed in several places allowing water, […]

Woodworking discovery uncovered in Galestown

What workmen found inside a one-room church near Galestown was so improbable that it took some church members a little time to comprehend what had been discovered. Wheatley’s Methodist Protestant Church needed major repairs after termites had snacked on its timbers for years. The decision was made to pull off the thin sheets of wood […]

Carnival’s reigning oyster mixer calling it a career

They say all good things must come to an end, and for Sylvia “Marva” Goslee, 84, the end of an era came in the closing days of the annual Sharptown Carnival sponsored by the Sharptown Volunteer Fire Department. For almost 50 years, Goslee has been in the kitchen every August helping other cooks turn out […]

Historic Green Hill Church doors restored to perfection

After 140 years, Green Hill Church near Whitehaven has new doors.  Not just any doors from the local hardware warehouse store, mind you, but doors unlike any others on the Eastern Shore. They are 10-foot-high works of art crafted from African mahogany, white oak and southern heart pine. Two sets of doors, each with two […]

Abbi Custis turns art hobby into career

In her studio near Salisbury, Abbi Custis stands in a self-made storm of swirling colors and concepts, ideas, visions and revelations. Manned with a Black & Decker drill, with a paint mixer head, and eager finger tips, a hair dryer to move paint, she is a force to be reckoned with. She is saturated in […]

‘Pure class’ Peg Rider passes away at age 101

Sharptown is like so many small rural neighborhoods on the Shore that have a sprinkling of Victorian style homes, bungalows, maybe a small church, fire department and a few streets. Some might still be holding onto their struggling post offices. Sharptown is the village across the gently rolling, greek fields from the home of Peg […]