Darel La Prade: Our newspaper is your newspaper

In this unique historical moment, when everyone is struggling to understand the definition of “flattening the curve” and how to practice “social distancing,” questions abound and proliferate. Where will you find accurate and credible information about what is happening in our community? Where will you find an explanation of the steps taken by state and […]

Salisbury Independent is seeking your feedback

As your community newspaper, we have enjoyed a close, personal relationship with our readers and have appreciated feedback so freely shared with us over the years. That’s why we’re excited to launch a new survey to learn more about what you like and want in the Salisbury Independent. We strive to bring you the most […]

Entering Year 3, what’s next for Salisbury Independent?

This week the Salisbury Independent marks another milestone. The front-page folio identifies this issue as “Vol. 3, No. 1.” In other words, the Independent embarks on its third year today. That we’ve arrived at this point is, in the views of some, a genuine miracle. Certainly, in general terms, everyone knows the newspaper business is […]

Darel La Prade: Thank you for making this newspaper possible

The Salisbury Independent is now officially a year old! And despite its relative youth, this newspaper prides itself on its relationship with you. We’re your local newspaper — the one written of, by and for the people. Already, it’s a special bond we developed, one that we do not – and will not – take […]

From The Publisher: Newspapers must listen to their readers

Publishing a newspaper is the best way I can think of to make a living. After a lifetime of newspapering, I still relish the work; it remains urgent, useful and important. Never for a single day have I regretted making journalism my profession. It’s a great privilege to serve as publisher of the Salisbury Independent […]