Duyer showed compassion in pursuit of history

The last message I received from Linda Duyer should have set off an alarm bell. Instead it made me laugh. Linda, who made this newspaper better whenever she wrote anything for it, had been hospitalized in the early fall, but still had a list of history pieces lined up to present to Salisbury Independent readers. […]

New Public Safety Building could cost $30 million

Since they moved out of the County Courthouse in the 1980s, Wicomico Sheriff’s Deputies have looked forward to the day they would occupy a real public safety complex. For decades, the Sheriff’s Office has been in what former Sheriff Hunter Nelms once called “basically a farm building.” The nearly windowless structure is cramped, its aluminum […]

Wicomico has mixed history with executive government

It was 20 long and confusing years ago that Wicomico County’s government was turned upside down and 18 years ago that residents first heard the words “County Executive” suggested as a means to run things. In 2000, the County Council had buckled under an assortment of budget pressures and implemented a jaw-dropping 0.46-cents property tax […]

Wicomico rehires the attorney it terminated

In July 2019, exercising a special power it holds in the County Charter, the Wicomico County Council voted to terminate County Attorney Paul Wilber. Wilber never stepped down. By fall of that year, council members were making it clear to County Executive Bob Culver that they would agree to no scenario in which Wilber’s law […]

Wicomico seems headed for capital spending challenges

Weighed down by a health pandemic certain to negatively affect tax revenues next year, Wicomico County appears headed toward a borrowing ceiling that could delay or derail long-desired infrastructure projects. The county’s longtime debt policy follows a guideline that it can only owe bond creditors an amount equal to 3.5 percent of overall county revenue. […]

Hall family offers rare 1944 flight chart for display

When John Hall’s father returned home from service as a pilot in World War II, he never talked about what transpired while overseas. “He wasn’t mad about it,” recalled Hall, “he just didn’t talk about it.” The senior Hall, however, kept a footlocker filled with memorabilia, and the container’s contents — including a leather bomber’s […]

Significant restorations are under way Downtown

Downtown Salisbury will see the continuation of exciting development and redevelopment projects with trendy new apartments, retail spaces and a restaurant expansion. Among them is the long-awaited completion of the former Vernon Powell Shoes building on the Downtown Plaza that has had its upper floors converted to 20 apartments, some of which are expected to […]

County airport remains a jewel with potential

Recent leadership changes in the county government and Salisbury-Wicomico Regional Airport have done nothing to stall ambitious plans to further polish the 1,000-plus-acre complex into an economic jewel. Three years ago, County Executive Bob Culver and his deputy, Wayne Strausburg, hired airport guru Dawn Veatch as part of an effort to better-tap the airport’s potential […]

Wor-Wic planning for our future educational needs

Economically successful communities possess a specific roster of essential entities: a quality hospital, a diverse retail presence, a progressive public schools system, an economically resilient manufacturing sector, a convenient airport with passenger and cargo service, an emerging urban core and a well-regarded research university. To support all of those things, a strong community college is […]

Salisbury Rising 2020: Covid response was fast, unified

Back in March, when no one was sure what the Coronavirus would really do, the Salisbury community quickly tapped into all of its business, health care and governmental leadership channels. The goal was quickly determined: Preserve public health by slowing the spread of the virus and mitigate the pandemic’s economic toll. In Salisbury, the leader […]

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