Wicomico OKs budget, but final deadline is Monday

Unless the three Wicomico County Council members on the losing side of last week’s budget vote can persuade one of their colleagues to change their viewpoint by Monday, a $153 million spending plan will become law. Tempers flared, discussion was pointed and the mood was tense several times last Tuesday night, as the seven council […]

Psota named to lead Wicomico administration

Fruitland City Manager John D. Psota has been selected as Wicomico’s next Director of Administration. The highest-ranking appointed official in county government, Psota will oversee all county departments and agencies within the Executive Branch. He will also be responsible for the preparation of the county’s budget, both in the general fund and capital spending arenas. […]

Wicomico council looking to move, cut $2.9 million

Budget time annually brings out the best and the worst in elected leaders. During a roughly 75-day period extending between April and July each year, taxpayers get to see who wants to spend what and who wants to cut which — all while being reminded of where the revenues originate. In Wicomico County, this year’s […]

Wicomico voters encouraged to mail in primary ballots

Wicomico County voters will soon begin receiving ballots for the June 2 primary election in their mailboxes. County Elections Director Anthony Gutierrez told County Council members this week that officials are hoping to conduct the primary mostly by mail, but voters who need assistance are welcome to vote at the Wicomico Youth & Civic Center […]

Airport water plan wins Wicomico council approval

A state- and county-funded waterline from the water tower at Wor-Wic Community College to Salisbury-Wicomico Regional Airport has at long last been approved by the Wicomico County Council. Following a series of procedural votes held in a tension-filled meeting conducted online Tuesday night with the seven members interacting remotely, the council voted 5-2 to approve […]

Information campaign under way on airport water

The recent failure by a single vote to advance municipal water service to Wicomico County’s airport has generated a round of finger-pointing, infused with efforts toward education and explanation. Nearly a month ago, the County Council voted 4-3 to table an intensely negotiated agreement between the city of Salisbury and the county that would see […]

Q&A: What you should know about airport water plan

Q. Why does the airport need municipal water? A. A reliable, high-pressure water supply would allow fire suppression systems to be constructed, meaning that new hangars could be built, entrepreneurial start-ups supported and the airport’s languishing Business Park to be further developed. The county could close the airport’s inadequate wells, which now produce water that […]

Spire meant to inspire Salisbury’s future

When city of Salisbury engineers began contemplating how to best move the Fred P. Adkins Monument on the city’s Downtown Plaza, there were no records on what might lie beneath the base and how the 30-foot-tall aluminum spire was structurally placed. But one man who was there when the Alfredo Halegua sculpture was erected in […]

Culver rebuts council letter asking him to fill top posts

County Executive Bob Culver last week had the advantage of reading some mail meant for him — even before it was sent. And, he was able to publicly answer that letter before it arrived. The Wicomico County Council drafted a letter calling upon Culver to hire — as soon as possible — replacements for the […]

Airport water: Seemingly easy solution not so easy

At the start, it seemed like a routine problem with an easy solution: Wicomico County’s airport needs a new water system; the city of Salisbury has a tower filled with water just 2 miles away. Run a waterline 1.6 miles south from Wor-Wic Community College, down Walston Switch Road. The county would install the 12-inch […]

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