Kindness is perhaps more important now than ever

“Kindness is ever the begetter of kindness.” So said Sophocles of ancient Greece, proving that some things never change. In early 2019, Salisbury’s Mayor Jake Day and Secretary of Kindness, Grace Foxwell Murdock discussed how the community could continue to be engaged in kindness to promote unity and support our status as the first World […]

Diabetes not holding back Salisbury’s Hayley Dize

Type 1 diabetes is typically diagnosed in children and teens. It can be difficult for children – and their parents – to face this diagnosis that can change their whole lifestyle in an instant.

Live Well Delmarva: Don’t let Halloween treats play a trick on children’s health

  The goodies that kids collect can add up fast: 72 calories in a bite-sized Snickers bar, 80 in a treat-sized bag of Skittles, 100 in a snack-sized Butterfinger, and 20 “kernels” of the leading brand of candy corn total 150 calories. Just a handful of those treats can quickly account for a whole day’s […]