Marc Kilmer: On Wor-Wic, council is seeking accountability for taxpayers

I’m always amazed when politicians think we should judge government programs on intentions, not on results. That appears to be the case with the Wor-Wic tuition subsidy program. During its one-year existence, it has shown some deficiencies. The county council is exploring ways to fix these problems so the program better serves students as well […]

Charter amendments shouldn’t be controversial

As was discussed in an op-ed by County Executive Bob Culver in last week’s Salisbury Independent, voters will have a chance to decide on amending the County Charter. It appears that the County Council’s decision to place these amendments on the ballot has upset the county executive. We can’t speak for the entire council, but […]

Marc Kilmer: Tuition subsidy won’t boost Wicomico

Just because politicians label something as “economic development” doesn’t make it so. That’s a lesson that is clear from past failed economic development initiatives, and it’s a lesson that should remembered when discussing the recent proposal for the so-called “Wor-Wic Economic Impact Scholarship.” Supporters of this subsidy plan have made bold claims about its impact […]

Marc Kilmer: Elected school board efforts not over

An elected school board may be good enough for 21 other counties in Maryland, but apparently it’s not good enough for Wicomico County residents. At least not yet. That seems to be the message legislators sent this year. They once again failed to act on legislation that would let the voters of Wicomico County decide […]

Marc Kilmer: Council won’t be embracing a ‘Culture of No’

What will the next four years bring us in Wicomico County? Given the changes brought by the 2014 election, that question has been on the minds of many people lately. With new faces in the county executive’s seat and on the council, it means something of a departure from how things were done in the […]