Mayor Jacob Day: Salisbury is a city on the rise

Her Arctic white paint practically glowing in the mid-morning sun, a 270-foot cruise ship waits patiently on large, wooden stands next to the Wicomico River. Today she will take the first, most important test of her life.  Have the hours, days, months of time lovingly devoted to her construction created a vessel which will be […]

Jake Day: We must remain focused on our aspirations

Not every city aspires for something more. Not every city aspires for anything collectively. Our city has come into a rare but enviable age where we are spending less time fighting among ourselves and instead we are focused on our aspirations. We have so much to be proud of. Our quality of life is characterized […]

Jake Day: Now is the time for unity in Salisbury

First and foremost, to the friends, family and neighbors of the victims of this week’s spate of violence, you are in Salisbury’s prayers. I am thinking of you, praying for you, wishing you were not feeling pain today.

My commitment to you is this: As a leader in this community, I will respond to violence, crime and threats to our sense of security with a vigorous effort, alongside well-trained and committed police officers, but also with a strategic mind toward tirelessly providing our kids with the opportunity to thrive.

I, like you, call this community home and I, like you, expect and demand to feel safe. I believe in our police officers, sheriff’s deputies, state’s attorneys and state troopers who protect and serve our neighborhoods.

I also believe in our people. I believe in this city and the power of coming together to address these issues of safety, order, youth activities, poverty, education, parenting and promise. I have never been disappointed by the strength of Salisbury or the people who live here.

Now is the time for unity. Now is the time to share our energy and our voices in the name of opportunity for the children who grow up here.

I strongly encourage everyone who can to attend one of the planned upcoming discussions on juvenile crime and curfews. We need you. Silence never brings change.

In recent days, my conversations with law enforcement and community leaders have convinced me that our community is again positioned to be resilient in the face of adversity. In the very near term, we must consider how we deploy our policing resources, but in the longer term, we have to ensure that our children are given what they need at home and in their neighborhoods to thrive, and that they can see a path to better lives right here in our community.

I will work collaboratively with area juvenile support services, community organizations, law enforcement and citizens to address the complex public safety issues we face.

I am invested in and committed to our safety. Today, tomorrow and every day, I promise to lead this city with the safety and security of our neighborhoods and our families at the forefront of everything we do.