Susan Peacock: Whitehaven memorable for characters

In spring, my thoughts return to Whitehaven, nestled in southwestern Wicomico County, where my husband and I lived in a frame house beside the Wicomico River from 1984 to 2000.  We were still young then, and our move from the “big city” of Salisbury to the wilds of a downriver, historic village often seemed as if […]

Susan Peacock: Men, boats and exploding eggs

On a whim and a deal worked out on the back of a paper napkin, my husband and I left the confines of Salisbury and moved to Whitehaven in 1984. There, in our venerable home beside the Wicomico, we set up housekeeping for 15 years.  People would always ask us, “What do you all do […]

Susan Peacock: Where J&S once stood, the dance goes on

That steamy August evening when my husband and I moved to Salisbury in 1969 was also the first time I set foot in Johnny and Sammy’s restaurant. We stumbled upon it accidentally as we searched for a place to get an iced drink and some air-conditioning. Johnny and Sammy’s used to be located on Route […]

Wicomico Reflection: Gettin’ my kicks on Route 346

Recalling that famous strip of Southwest highway, I’ve discovered my own personal Route 66.  That would be Route 346, also known as Old Ocean City Road, which parallels Route 50 heading east out of Salisbury. In days gone by, it was the way to reach the beach. Today, it’s my local nostalgia trip when I […]