Wayne Cannon: How the Kennedy casket ended up off Ocean City

When the 35th President was assassinated in Dallas in 1963, there were two caskets that would hold his body. One was a polished bronze casket used to carry his body from Parkland Hospital to Love Field and placed on Air Force One for the trip back to Washington. The other casket was made of hand […]

Wayne Cannon: Remembering ‘The Newsman With a Tear’

“This Is Al LaVie … Mutual News.” I can’t tell you how many times I heard those words as a young guy interested in radio and as a young guy who finally made it to radio. Al LaVie died last month and it made me sad as I knew him and worked with him in […]

Wayne Cannon: Johnny Williams started our days, inspired our nights

When I read that Johnny Williams had died, I had to stop for a while and think about all the Delmarva mornings when he was a part of my early life. I did not know Johnny in person at that time.  I knew Johnny on the radio, WBOC 960 and 1470 WJDY to be exact. […]