Former teacher to serve jail time in Adderall case

Elizabeth Day, wife of Salisbury Mayor Jake Day, entered an Alford plea to a single count of attempted possession of Adderall, a controlled dangerous substance, during a trial in state District Court on Friday morning.

Elizabeth Day.

She was sentenced to 10 days of active incarceration by Judge Daniel R. Mumford and was scheduled to surrender to the Wicomico County Detention Center Friday night, according to her attorney John K. Phoebus.

An Alford plea means that a defendant maintains their innocence but acknowledges that the state had sufficient evidence to convict them.

A separate charge of contributing to the condition of a child was dismissed by the state as part of the plea, Phoebus said.

“I want to formally apologize for my poor decision in asking a student for ADHD medication. I take full responsibility for my actions,” Day said in a statement released Friday.

“To the student and her family, my own family, and anyone else I hurt, I am sorry. As I was preparing to defend my dissertation for my doctorate, I was having trouble focusing and told my counselor and she diagnosed me with ADD and recommended medication to my general doctor,” she said.

“In my impatience and stress, while having to wait to get into my doctor’s office I asked a student,” she said. “I recognize this was wrong, and the medicine was never exchanged. Contrary to what was published in the paper in December, I have never struggled with drug use and thank God for his protection. I have repented and am grateful to the Lord for his forgiveness and mercy.”

Day, who was a physical education teacher at James M. Bennett High School, was charged last December in connection with an attempted drug transaction with a student.

Day asked a student to get her Adderall, a prescription drug generally used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and narcolepsy, but it is often sold illegally as a stimulant.

The student told Day they could not get the drug for her, but later contacted her at the direction of the sheriff’s office and agreed to sell her two pills. The transaction on Dec. 10 in the school locker room was recorded by investigators.

Jake Day, a captain with the Maryland Army National Guard, is currently on an overseas deployment with the Army in the Horn of Africa as part of Operation Enduring Freedom. He is not due to return until sometime next year.

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