Man accused of kidnapping ex-girlfriend in custody

A man accused of kidnapping his ex-girlfriend is in custody of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel Police and will be taken before a Virginia Magistrate.

Phillip James Timmons, 21, is charged with kidnapping, abduction and firearm-related charges, according to Maryland State Police.

A Maryland warrant is extraditable and has been lodged as a detainer, police said.

Timmons was arrested after being interviewed by Bay Bridge Tunnel Police, after his ex-girlfriend, whose name police didn’t release, told them she had been taken against her will, police said.

Police said on Oct. 4, the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to Powellville Road in  Powellville for a 911 call from a woman there.

The woman said the ex-boyfriend had broken in and was forcing her to go with him. When deputies arrived, they discovered the door had been forced open.  They cleared the residence and found no one there, police said, but they found an open Glock handgun box in the victim’s bedroom and .45 ammunition in the floor, The gun was missing.

The victim’s cell phone, wallet and vehicle were all at the residence, police said.  Deputies and investigators interviewed family members and determined the man’s identity.

Search of police records indicated the man and his ex-girlfriend had a history of domestic assaults and that the victim had a protective order  prohibiting Timmons from having contact with her, police said.

The Wicomico Bureau of Investigation was contacted and took over the case, police said.

Investigators were informed the suspect’s vehicle, suspect and victim were located by Bay Bridge Tunnel Police, that the suspect was in custody and the victim was safe.

Police said the suspect had attempted to cross the bridge with two surfboards in the back of his truck.  Due to wind restrictions,  the surf boards were removed and taken across in a van by a Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel Authority road crew.

Once on the opposite side of the tunnel, and while unloading the surf boards, the victim got  into the driver’s seat of the truck and drove toward a police car, police said.

The suspect jumped into the bed of the truck, and attempted to unlock the door through a broken car window, police said.

The woman found an officer, got out of the vehicle and ran toward him, telling him she had been kidnapped and Timmons was armed, police said.

Officers gave verbal commands to Timmons and a brief struggle ensued before he was taken into custody, police said.

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