Andy Harris: Government must address grievances

Congressman Andy Harris at Saturday’s rally in north Salisbury.

U.S. Rep. Andy Harris of Maryland’s District 1 gave the following address to a group of about 200 people protesting the ongoing health crisis restriction during an event held Saturday afternoon in north Salisbury: 

Six weeks ago, there were things we didn’t know about this virus. But we have learned a lot in the last six weeks. We know if you take some common protective measures, then you are at a much lower risk.

Let’s not look in the past, let’s look in the future. We have to rethink carefully.

What we’re seeing now is that we have learned things, but (the state government is) just going to keep things shut down. What happened to all of the things we learned?

We’ve learned that 2 million people aren’t going to die in the United States. Oh, by the way, in Maryland the estimate was there was going to be 20,000 to 40,000 people dying — off by a factor of 10, maybe.

So we have shown that the measures we have taken — that’s right, models are just models and statistics are what you want. So, what we’ve got to do — we have to say: “Look, let common sense prevail now. We know what’s safe and what isn’t.”

And we know there are businesses — and by the way, as a doctor I can tell you — a bad economy is bad for health. A good economy is good for your health.

So what we need to do is rationally ask our government to address our grievances and insist we be given back the freedoms that weren’t given to us by government.

That’s a concept someone sort of forgot here. Your rights were given to you — not by a government, they’re not granted by a government, they’re granted by the Creator.

So keep it up.

This kind of rally can’t exist in Communist China, it can’t be done in North Korea. This is America and you deserve to be heard — and in fact you don’t just deserve it — it is your RIGHT to be heard. 

So, I want to thank all of you for coming to address your grievances with a federal official. And anyone who tells you that this was not essential, that you violated any laws, you say “No, No, No — I addressed my grievances with a federal official.”

Since when in this country are you forbidden to criticize the government?

God bless you all. Thank you for being here.

We need to have a voice of reason as we go forward and restore our freedoms and liberties that were given to us — not by the United States government, not by the state of Maryland, not by the city of Salisbury — but by God. Thank you.

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