Medical center to activate triage tent check-in

This triage tent is now outside the TidalHealth Peninsula Regional Emergency Department as part of its flu season and Covid-19 screening process.

With the approach of flu season and during Covid-19, TidalHealth Peninsula Regional has chosen to reestablish its triage and screening tent adjacent to the walk-in entrance of its Robert T. Adkins Emergency/Trauma Center.

A greeter or nurse — positioned outside the Emergency Department 24 hours a day, seven days a week — will speak with all patients, asking them a series of questions about their health.

They will screen for flu and Coronavirus symptoms, and will segregate patients appropriately to a designated location inside the Emergency/Trauma Center or outside within the triage tent, based on his or her assessment.

TidalHealth plans to begin using the tent by Friday of this week. It is not intended for general Covid-19 walk-up screenings. 

“Patients walking up or brought to the emergency department in severe distress will still be taken immediately inside and placed in rooms designated to protect them and others from exposure,” said Angie Brittingham, Clinical Director of the TidalHealth Peninsula Regional Emergency Department.

TidalHealth Peninsula Regional expects to use the triage tent as part of its flu season and Covid-19 enhanced visitor and patient safety processes.

People desiring a Covid-19 test in and around the Wicomico County area may contact any of the following agencies to learn more about availability and appointments.

  • Walmart, 409 North Fruitland Blvd., Salisbury.
  • CVS, 1016 South Salisbury Blvd., Salisbury.
  • Apple Drug, 404A North Fruitland Blvd., Salisbury. 
  • Your Docs In, Salisbury, 877-222-4934 (call for information). 
  • Wicomico County Health Department — every Wednesday, call 410-912-6889. 
  • Somerset County Health Department — every Thursday, call 410-912-6889. 

Those in need of a seasonal flu shot may visit the TidalHealth website at for a list of locations on the Delmarva Peninsula.

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