Salisbury History: Tuesday, Feb. 26, 1957

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  • Wicomico State’s Attorney Hamilton P. Fox announced that local Democrats had narrowed their choices of “big gun” speakers at the annual Jefferson-Jackson Dinner scheduled March 25 at Wicomico Senior High School. Speaking invitations will be sent to either Gov. Robert Meyner of New Jersey, Gov. Frank Clement of Tennessee, Sen. Stuart Symington of Missouri or Sen. John F. Kennedy of Massachusetts. Fox said that Kennedy had promised — even if he is not invited to speak next month — to visit Salisbury sometime this year.
  • After repeated public incidents across Salisbury, Juvenile Court Judge Rex A. Taylor declared a midnight curfew on all teenagers younger than 18. Any juvenile found in an all-night facility, such as the Salisbury bus station, would be taken to jail, the judge said. Police Chief William Chatham said his officers were looking for opportunities to round up “the black leather jacket, blue denim trousers, duck-tail hair cut crowd.
  • Beset by competition from other meats and poultry growing areas, the Delmarva Poultry Industry announced it would seek to raise $125,000 to help tell its story through a massive news and marketing campaign. Chairman Ed McCaughley of Seaford said the promotion funds were needed to bolster Delmarva’s $125 million poultry industry.
  • A 72-year-old Salisbury man who was riding a bicycle on Salisbury Boulevard near Calvert Street was killed when his bike pedal struck a sidewalk curb and he fell in the street and broke his neck. Levin J. Young of 113 Washington St., was an employee at Wyatt Wholesale on Snow Hill Road. Young was known all over the city and seen daily riding his bike. Police Chief William Chatham said he first remembered seeing the man 40 years ago, when Young would ride a bike to his job as an oyster shucker at Salisbury Oyster Co.
  • G. Donald Bowen, a draftsman for E.S. Adkins Co., returned to his Salisbury workplace after a one-month course in architecture designing at the Retail Lumber Institution in Abbington, Pa.
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