Today In Salisbury’s History: Monday, May 3, 1982

Monday, May 3, 1982 —

  • Wicomico County Finance Director C. Joseph Schiller said a state teachers association audit of the county’s education spending is flawed and declared that if the county had funded the teachers’ requests last fiscal year the county would have an $800,000 budget deficit. Schiller said the teachers association audit failed to calculate the county’s actual surplus, projecting a $3.9 million surplus that actually turned out to be $3.1 million. Each year, budget surpluses are routinely carried forward as revenue for the next year. The method for accounting for such large sums has been a  point of contention between the educators, the council and taxpayer advocates.
  • Peninsula General Hospital Medical Center is seeking to hire a staff pediatrician to handle emergency and indigent cases. Several pediatricians in private practice has announced they will no longer be on call to serve young hospital patients because too many of the families either don’t pay their bills or use state aid. Dr. Alfred C. Kolls, PGH’s Chief of Pediatrics, said doctors are often asked to leave their practices and come to the hospital to care for youngsters. The issue came to a head recently when Salisbury lawyer James L. Otway filed a $2 million lawsuit on behalf of a couple whose baby had to be flown to Baltimore for emergency care because no pediatrician was available.
  • The GOP Central Committee has selected three Republican nominees for Gov. Harry R. Hughes’ consideration to serve on the Wicomico school board. In order of preference, they are: Salisbury lawyer William G. Duvall, former teacher Ruth Pressman and Salisbury lawyer Donald C. Davis. Duvall, 45, of Eden, failed in his recent bid for a state Senate seat. Central Committee Chairman Blan Harcum said Duvall “would be someone who would not hesitate to voice their opinions.”
  • State’s Attorney Richard Warren has notified the management of the two major grocery store chains in Wicomico County that they may now be open for business on Sundays, thanks to a new law approved in the just-completed 90-day session of the General Assembly. Warren said that although the law doesn’t take effect until July 1, he will not prosecute the chains for “jumping the gun” on the new law. It was Giant Food that convinced Wicomico state Sen. Joseph J. Long Sr. to sponsor the bill. Long said the Sunday hours are needed to make Wicomico competitive with adjoining counties.
  • Wicomico’s League of Women Voters will distribute “voter service programs” for this fall’s elections. Incoming-President Norma Gibson said her organization, which now has more than 50 members, will work to educate Wicomico County voters about all of the 1982 candidates. Nancy Johnson will serve as the League’s Vice President, with Carol Steffy as Treasurer, and Jan St. Martin as Secretary.
  • Salisbury Police Chief Coulbourne M. Dykes has named Salisbury State College Psychology Department Chairman Dr. Edmund T. Delaney to a role on the department’s Tactical Unit. According to Detective Sgt. Elton W. Harrington, the Tactical Unite Commander, Dulaney will work as part of the unit’s Crisis Management Team, leading hostage negotiations and assisting to Crisis Management Team decision-making.
  • Phillip C. “Pete” Cooper has been named the first paid “project manager” to coordinate efforts to revitalize the city’s Downtown Business District. Cooper, Salisbury’s former Public Works Director, was selected over nine other candidates for the $20,000 per year post. Cooper will be tasked with implementing projects from a list of guidelines established by the R/UDAT planners.
  • The Town & Country Garden Club’s spring Award for Horticulture Excellence went to Mrs. William Rinnier of a Boston Fern. As part of the club’s “Spring Classic,” members Mrs. Donald G. Byrd and Mrs. Richard M. Pollitt opened their homes for club tours. Mrs. Alfred T. Truitt Jr. is the club’s president.
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