Today In Salisbury’s History: Saturday, Aug. 27, 1983

Saturday, Aug. 27, 1983 —

  • Salisbury real estate salesman Richard C. Insley Jr. has extensively studied the City Council’s proposed ordinance that would amend the existing housing, maintenance and occupancy code. Insley said he is concerned that language in the measure could be used to make owners of older homes modernize to today’s standards, which would be impractical and financially unreasonable. Council President Norman H. Conway said the measure is simply intended to apply a set of standards for housing all across the community.
  • The Golden Dome video arcade on South Salisbury Boulevard will open its doors from 9 a.m. to noon on Sunday for the sole use of disabled youngsters. Owner Frank Parsons said he has been working with Sandy Dykes of the Easter Seal Society to equip the building with wheelchair ramps and provide easy access to restroom facilities. He said the facility can accommodate up to 100 people or 50 wheelchairs. 
  • A building facade fix-up program headed by Salisbury lawyer K. King Burnett has been given $19,415.45 by the City Council to make renovations to the old synagogue building on the corner of West Main and West Market streets. The normal cap for such repairs is $15,000-per-project. All grant recipients must match the city’s contribution.
  • The Delmarva Railroaders of yesteryear will host the 2nd annual Eastern Shore Baseball Hall of Fame game today at the Mason-Dixon Sports Complex in Delmar. The game will feature Bob Pote, Vaughn Lockerman, Hank Hantwerker, Nooks Naugle, George Davis, “Sarge” Cugler, Ernie Nichols, Archie Ellis, Tommy Young, Sam Ellis, Clarke Cugler and Eppie Culver. 
  • Movies in town this weekend include Tom Cruise in “Risky Business” and Rodney Dangerfield in “Easy Money” at the Movies 3, Steven King’s “Cujo” at the World Cinemas, Chevy Chase in “Vacation” at the Mall Cinema, and down at the beach — “Star Wars: Return of the Jedi” and Eddie Murphy in “Trading Places,” at the Sun & Surf Cinemas.
  • Salisbury State College will open the fall semester Sept. 7 with a record enrollment — nearly 5,000 students. For the 1982-83 year, enrollment was 4,341. College President Tom Bellavance said applications set a new record this spring and summer, totaling more than 2,250.
  • Salisbury Fire Chief Francis S. Darling said he is receiving angry calls from those who have called an ambulance for non-emergency medical needs and then been sent a bill for services. Darling said the publicly funded service will never refuse a request for transportation, but people who call for trips to medical appointments, X-ray visits or trips home from Peninsula General Hospital will be charged a $70 fee.
  • Toys”R” Us, the world’s largest toy specialty retail chain, is coming to Salisbury. Located in the new section of Twilley Centre, the 43,000-square-foot store will open Oct. 1. In addition to the toys for which iot is famous, the store will also feature a full range of merchandise for newborn infants and pre-school children.  
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