Today In Salisbury’s History: Sunday, March 8, 1987

Sunday, March 8, 1987 —

  • School Board President Dr. William Nagel announced this month’s board meeting would be held at night. Parents and residents have often complained that their access to board meetings is limited by their personal work schedules. Nagel said the board might add other meetings each month because meetings can’t last all night and the board likes to engage issues carefully and deliberately.
  • Protesters descended Saturday on the Wicomico Landfill on Brick Kiln Road to prevent scientists from the Smithsonian Institution from killing between one and four rare sea gulls known to frequent the area. The Smithsonian hopes to add a mounted Lesser Black-Back Gull to its extensive collection of taxidermied birds. While the gull is prevalent in Europe, it is rare in the United States, but is often seen at the Wicomico landfill. Animal rights activists Bobby Stadler, Gail Morrissette, Linda Cashman and Humane Society Director Frank Gordy were among the protesters.
  • WSCL-FM, the new Public Radio station that will be based on the Salisbury University campus, is looking for employees and volunteers to handle day-to-day operations. The station will broadcast classical music to 10 counties in Maryland and Delaware.Program Director Janine Kallgren-Miller said people who have an interest in Public Radio and can spare a few hours each week should contact her.
  • Dr. Kevin Kearney, chief of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Peninsula General Hospital Medical Center, said escalating malpractice insurance costs will force local OB-GYNs to make a “business decision” and judge for themselves whether they can afford to continue practicing. He said the average OB-GYN doctor in Salisbury is now paying between $14,000 and $15,000 a year in malpractice insurance.
  • After welcome days of warm spring weather, winter is expected to return on Tuesday with a possible blizzard dropping 6 inches of snow on Salisbury.
  • Salisbury State College President Thomas Bellavance told a state Senate panel that changing SSC’s name to Salisbury State University would give the institution prestige and attract better-quality students. Gordon Galadden of Avery Hall Insurance, president of the Salisbury Area Chamber of Commerce, testified that improvements in the college’s academic programs had earned it a name change.
  • To celebrate the shopping chain’s 25th anniversary, the Salisbury K-Mart at Shoppers World held celebration breakfast for customers and employees. Store Manager Harold F. Brown said all employees were entered into a company contest with prizes that included a 1987 Mercury Sable and a trip to Hawaii. The Salisbury K-Mart opened in September 1976. Brown said it is one of the most successful stores in the chain and especially in Maryland, thanks to the strong business it does through its Garden Center. Brown said Salisbury-area residents uniquely maintain large yards and gardens. “If you live in Baltimore, you have a yard the size of a postage stamp,” Brown said, “and then you don’t buy as much fertilizer.”
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