Today In Salisbury’s History: Thursday, Feb. 28, 1974

Thursday, Feb. 28, 1974 —

  • Mayor Dallas Truitt has alleged the city Police Department’s efforts to conserve gasoline during the current fuel shortage has triggered an uptick in the crime rate. Police have reduced patrols to conserve gasoline, which is under a city ration. The city is also considering reductions to garbage collection and street sweeping. City Executive Officer Patrick Fennell said the city yard has 500 gallons of gas to last until a delivery arrives in the first week of March. Chief Leslie Payne said that, despite the mayor’s claims, he has seen no increase in reported crimes.
  • Elmer F. Ruark, a Democratic candidate for Salisbury Mayor, has released the first of five position papers he will share with voters before the March 12 primary election. Ruark’s first issue concerns the city’s zoo — he is advocating it be removed from the oversight of Public Works and be included in a newly created Parks Department. The candidate is also calling for a Master Plan that will project the zoo’s future needs and expansion improvements.
  • Frank Allen Jaffe and Charles Branford Silvia Jr. have been selected to attend the Presidential Classroom for Young Americans. Jaffe, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Harold Jaffe of Frederick Avenue attends James M. Bennett High School. Silvia, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Branford Silvia of Tritt Street, attends Wicomico Senior High School.
  • Young men born in 1955 will have their draft numbers drawn when the Selective Service Lottery is held March 20. Even though the U.S. government has no plans to resume calling for involuntary military service, all 19-year-olds will be subjected to the drawing and a “readily inductible” list will be created in case there is a need.
  • The Salvation Army is engaging a drive to raise the final $100,000 needed to complete its $500,000 campaign. Leading the effort are William Bicknell, Calvin H. Cropper, David Dulaney, Sam Stein, Dr. Nevins Todd, John M. Morris and Ralph Smith. The Army’s new leadership team was recently introduced: Maj. Warren Fulton and Benny Riddick.
  • The Community Players have begun rehearsals for their next show, the musical “Mame” that will be staged at the Wicomico Youth & Civic Center on April 17-20. President Mrs. Peter Richmond said it is expected to featured the largest cast ever assembled by the Community Players.
  • Wicomico Sheriff William E. Shockley has filed for re-election. The sheriff, a 58-year-old Democrat, is the first of what is expected to be several candidates competing for the post. Former Sheriff Eugene M. Carey is expected to run as a Republican. As he filed, the incumbent said he would run on his record of the past four years and stress his 22 years of service as a part-time deputy.
  • The owners of the Shoppers’ World center in east Salisbury have announced a K-Mart Discount Department Store will occupy 84,180 square feet in the new center. Being built next to the K-Mart are a 32,150-square-foot supermarket and a Dart Drug Store, which will take up 30,000 square feet.
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