Today In Salisbury’s History: Thursday, Feb. 6, 1992

Thursday, Feb. 6, 1992 —

–Shoppers at the Twilley Centre Acme now have more to do when standing in line than just scan tabloid newspapers and crave candy — they can watch television. The grocery store has installed TV monitors which broadcast the Checkout Channel, operated by the Cable News Network. The channel offers news stories, sports, and — of course — advertising.

–The medical staff officers and department chiefs of Peninsula General Hospital Medical Center recently assumed their responsibilities for 1992. They are: Dr. John Bartkovich, president; Dr. Thomas DeMarco, vice president; Dr. Kevin McKearney, secretary; Dr. Paul Fleury, treasurer; Dr. Philip A. Insley Jr, surgery; Dr. Floyd Gray, obstetrics; Dr. David Foley, emergency services; and Dr. Jose Alvarado, pediatrics.

–The manager of the currently closed adult bookstore in Salisbury was sentenced to two concurrent 60-day terms after a jury found that he and the store’s corporate owners permitted lewd acts on the premises. Maryland law defines lewd activity as any unnatural sexual practice involving two or more people. The jury, made up of nine women and three men, also found the store’s owner, Robo Inc., guilty.

–Pepsi Cola Bottling Co. of Salisbury has announced a campaign to raise money for schools on Delmarva. Class Coupons, a booklet of discount coupons promoting local businesses, would be sold for $10, with schools keeping $7 of the receipts. Pepsi Vice President Morgan Hazel said the goal is to raise $1 million for area schools. In all, the coupons are valued at about $500. Pepsi will spend about $100,000 to promote the coupon books.

–In a plea bargain arrangement, a Salisbury businessman was sentenced to five years in prison after pleading guilty to manufacturing marijuana. The Wicomico County Task Force discovered a secret warehouse in Salisbury filled with marijuana plants ranging from 2 inches to 7 feet in height. The convicted man’s lawyer, J. Harrison Phillips, said his client “was experimenting” and not planning to distribute the drug.

–State budget woes could see cuts to Wicomico County’s revenue sharing formula, costing the county’s coffers $1.9 million in the next budget year. County Finance Director Joseph Shiller said several high-profile county departments — including the school board, the library, Wor-Wic Tech and the Health Department — should immediately begin planning for the worst. Wicomico lost about $1.7 million is state funding support last year.

–Hundreds of irate Salisbury State University students gathered in front of the home of University President Thomas Bellavance’s campus home to protest the termination of Economics instructor Louis Bravman. Vice President of Academic Affairs Nelson Butler explained the Perdue Business School is seeking accreditation from the American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business and the business school needs to increase the percentage of instructors who hold doctorates, which Bravman doesn’t yer possess.

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