Today In Salisbury’s History: Friday, April 13, 1973

Friday, April 13, 1973

  • The Greater Salisbury Committee has released a position paper calling for the completion of a Beltway encircling Salisbury within 10 years. Plans are already in the making for a bypass of Route 13 around the east side of Salisbury, but GSC leadership said a road linking Route 13 North to Route 50 West was also needed. Officials agreed that route would be problematic because a high-span bridge would need to be built over the Wicomico River
  • Debbie Owens of James M. Bennett Senior High School, and Davis Ruark, Dean Langrall and Judith Warrington of Wicomico Senior High School, were the top boy and girl winners of the Elks Youth Scholarship and Youth Leadership Awards. Dr. Clifton White, the Elks Exalted Ruler, presented the awards.
  • Maryland State Police Barrack commander Lt. Edwin McGee sought to dispel community-wide rumors that an unknown man was impersonating a policeman and attempting to pull over vehicles driven at night by females. McGee said no specific incidents had been reported to the barrack for investigation, but that rumors were being communicated as if they were factual. McGee said unmarked cars won’t attempt to pull over vehicles unless the situation is serious.
  • Hall Drive and Onley Road residents are up in arms over the Planning & Zoning Commission’s surprise decision to approve a $3.5 million, 176-unit townhouse project called Wicomico Commons on South Division Street at Olney Road. Some 300 residents who are members of the South Division Street Homeowners Association believed the Planning Commission was prepared to side with their opposition. The homeowners were consulting with a lawyer about whether to sue to stop final approval.
  • Continental Cars on East Main Street at the foot of Snow Hill Road was offering a new MG Midget, delivered directly from England, for $2,936. Free State Motors on Old Ocean City Road was offering a like-new 1969 Rambler station wagon for $1,295.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Woody Dashiell and Mr. and Mrs. Dick Holloway have just returned from a trip to the new Disney World in Florida. In the “It’s a small world after all” department, the two couples ran into another Salisbury couple, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Lynch.
  • Speaking at the annual Mayor’s Breakfast, Congressman William O. Mills said the public should stop worrying about the rising cost of meats and speculating about the so-called Watergate Affair. Mills said the nation’s real problem was continued deficit spending, with projected federal budgets offering no hope for a balanced budget anytime soon.
  • Wicomico County began construction of a new nature trail in Leonard’s Mill Park with the construction of one of four planned footbridges. Officials also plan to widen the swimming beach, build a boat ramp and construct a baseball diamond at the Route 13 tract.
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