Today In Salisbury’s History: Thursday, Aug. 3 1967

— Thursday, Aug. 3 1967

  • Friends and strangers in droves have been driving by the home of Henry C. Peek on Johnson Road in an effort to get a look at his 28-foot-tall beanstalk. Peek, who has now had people say to him “It’s Henry and the Beanstalk” hundreds of times, said no one in his family even likes to eat butter beans, of which there is a surplus.
  • Salisbury Police are investigating the first accident of consequence at the new intersection at Circle Avenue and the new river bridge at Carroll Street. Three cars were involved in a collision Wednesday afternoon. Police said James Hartman of Salisbury was turning left from Carroll onto Circle to cross the bridge when a car driven by Carole Lynn Outten of Laurel plowed into his vehicle’s passenger side. The collision pushed Hartman’s car into a car at the Circle Avenue stop sign that was driven by Joyce Moon of Millsboro. No one was injured; Hartman was charged with failing to yield the right away.
  • The Wicomico County Community Action Committee will go on, despite learning that many of the problems it has identified have programs in place to target solutions. The biracial committee is seeking to address problems in public health among the poor, unemployment and the education disparity between the races. State officials in town to advise the committee agreed the Health Department, employment services and Board of Education have good plans in place to address those issues.
  • Charles Ash, chairman of the Wicomico Elections Board, reported that nine new voters registered today. Under the newly enacted 1967 Voting Rights Act, election board must be open to the public from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on the first and third Thursdays of each month. Ash said five people registered as Democrats, three as Republicans and one as Independent.
  • Hammond Piano on North Salisbury Boulevard was renting new Hamond models for $8 per month. Customers could elect to buy the piano after six months, with their payments applied to the price.
  • Miss Mary Ruhl, 19, who spent the last year in Saltsjobaden, Sweden, as an American Field Service student, is home for the summer and staying with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. William A. Ruhl of Indian Lane in Tony Tank. She will enter Wilson College in Chambersburg, Pa., this fall.
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