Today In Salisbury’s History: Tuesday, March 24, 1964

Tuesday, March 24, 1964

  • Today is Election Day in Salisbury and Republicans were hoping to gain their first-ever majority. The current council has three Democrats and two Republicans. The Democratic slate consisted of real estate agent Frank P. Maher, car dealer Robert A. Powell and food chain supervisor and incumbent W. Paul Martin. The GOP contenders were salesman Thomas O. Mumford, radio announcer Johnny Williams, and merchant and incumbent Harry O. Fullbrook. First elected in 1952, Fullbrook was the first Republican ever elected to the City Council. Council President Richard M. Laws is not seeking re-election. The holdovers are Republican David Grier and Democrat David Rodgers.
  • A nationwide search was under way for two missing Salisbury boys. James S. Ent, 17, of 733 South Division Street, and Larry “Buddy” Wilgus, 16, of Schumaker Lane, were believed to be headed for California, where Ent’s mother lives.
  • Mayor Frank Morris was scheduled to speak at Wednesday’s Wicomico Women’s Club meeting in the board room of the First National Bank in Salisbury. The mayor was slated to speak on the topic of urban renewal and was expected to offer solutions for some of Salisbury’s depressed areas. Mrs. W. Melvin Turner, club president, will preside; a social hour will conclude the meeting.
  • A house in Wetipquin burned to the ground when spectators eager to view the blaze accidentally blocked fire trucks from accessing the property. More than 50 cars and 100 people showed up to see the fire, blocking Wetipquin Road and allowing the fire to burn. Officials were debating whether to file criminal negligence charges against some of the drivers.
  • Business supply store White & Leonard celebrated 75 years in business in Downtown Salisbury. Its anniversary motto: “75 Years And Spry As Tomorrow.”
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