Today In Salisbury’s History: Tuesday, May 5, 1959


Tuesday, May 5, 1959

  • Police said “The Route 13 Gang” apparently has struck again, this time at the Creteway Products office on Connelly Mill Road near Delmar. Sgt. Thomas E. Veditz of the Maryland State Police said someone entered the concrete-block business and pried the door off the company’s walk-in safe, stealing approximately $120 in cash. Police estimate the gang, which they named after the thieves’ propensity to raid safes on or near the main highway, has stolen more than $4,000 in six separate incidents. The the latest safe-cracking, a night watchman was on the premises but never heard the burglars.
  • The goal of raising $125,000 at the annual Poultry Industry Dinner, scheduled for Wednesday night at Wicomico Senior High School, is within reach. According to organizer Webb Cassell, $116,000 has been raised by those planning to attend the $100-a-plate dinner. The guest speaker will be Dr. Carl Winters of Oak Park, Ill., a renowned national speaker on the issue of crime prevention and juvenile delinquency.
  • Allegheny Airlines has asked the Civil Aeronautics Board for permission to add routes to Philadelphia and Norfolk. Airline Vice President David L. Miller said car trips to Philadelphia require driving on congested highways, while a road trip to Norfolk requires a 90-minute ferry excursion.
  • At the Trailways Bus Terminal, a one-way bus ticket from Salisbury to Baltimore was $4. Fares to Norfolk and Philadelphia were $4.15; a ticket to New York City was priced at $7.15.
  • Richard Cooley was set to direct the Community Players’ presentation of “The Remarkable Mr. Pennypacker,” opening at The Playhouse. The play’s stars included Jack H. Justice, Frank W. Johnston, Frank Baker, Miss Audrey Stewart and Mrs. Richard Cooley.
  • The North Salisbury School PTA paid tribute to two retiring teachers: Miss Mollie Parker and Miss Elsie Hearne. Each woman has been stationed at the school since it opened 20 years ago. Miss Parker has been a teacher for 48 years; Miss Hearne has been teaching 45 years.
  • Mr. and Mrs. George E. Burnett have returned to the Riverside Drive home after a trip to Gettysburg, Pa., and Charlottesville, Va., where they visited their sons — George E. Burnett at Gettysburg College and K. King Burnett, a law student at the University of Virginia.
  • County Attorney Richard E. Cullen said he would negotiate $133,200 in fines levied by the U.S. Collector of Customs because the Wicomico and Somerset roads departments had allowed the operating license for the Whitehaven Ferry to expire. Cullen said the fine amount to $30 for each time the ferry crossed during the 44-day period the ferry didn’t have its proper permit. The ferry has been operated for the last 20 years by a waterman who is contracted for the job; last year’s contract was for $2,850.


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