Amy Luppens, Randy Scott compete to help others

In a fundraising rematch, Amy Luppens of the United Way, left, and Randy Scott of Froggy 99.9, ran in the Ben Layton Memorial Run at City Park. More than $2,000 was raised. Luppens lost to Scott in a previous race, but topped him on Saturday.

What happens when two friends, male and female, compete in Salisbury’s Pinwheels for Protection 5K in the spring and the woman, who is pushing her 1-year-old baby in a stroller, loses by a hair?

There’s a rematch, of course.

That rematch, last Saturday, pitted Amy Luppens, Communications Director of the United Way of the Eastern Shore, against Randy Scott, Froggy 99.9 radio station morning radio personality. The duo ran in the Ben Layton Memorial Run at City Park, an event they had been promoting as a fundraiser for the United Way, Ben’s Red Swings and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. More than $2,000 was raised, and will be divided among the organizations.

“At Pinwheels, Randy just flew past me at the finish line and beat me by two seconds, but I won this one,” a victorious Luppens said this week.

The race was a topic of discussion on the Whiskey and Randy morning show and on the Team Randy vs. Team Amy Facebook page where the rivals playfully dubbed themselves Froggy 99.9’s Celebrity Disc Jockey Randy Scott and Angry Local Mom Amy Luppens.

“Upon the completion of Pinwheels for Protection 5K, Randy sprinted past Amy at the finish line, reveling in her defeat as she struggled to push her stroller-bound sumo-wrestler baby,” it states on the Facebook page, referring to 1-year-old Gabriel, who’s big for his age.

“It was a narrow margin, two seconds to be exact. In good fun, Amy has challenged Randy to a rematch and the stakes are high.”

Locals were asked to choose a side, since “the adversaries are joining forces to raise money for some good local causes.”

Those who donated $10 or more were invited to pick up a Team Randy vs. Team Amy T-shirt at Olympia Fitness Club, where they both train.

“People were calling the radio station and saying who would win and making donations. I was a guest on the radio station a couple times. We did a lot of it through social media and through Olympia Fitness. People were posting videos of who they thought would win. We had a lot of fun with it. There was a lot of heckling,” Luppens said.

Hot weather made last weekend’s run difficult, but both Luppens and Scott had been weight training and taking practice runs.

“And, I didn’t have a baby to push this time. It was a lot of fun. We hope to see more stuff like this. I would love to,” she said, suggesting corn hole.

“No,” Scott said.

“That’s too much of a game of chance. I’m talking about lifting weights or arm wrestling. I don’t really run. I do work out, but not run. I sprinted as fast as I could. It was fun to be able to see people and to be able to give to such worthwhile organizations,” he said.

“Amy became my arch nemesis but we had a really good time.”


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