Book signing Friday will benefit church, KindSBY

Grace Foxwell Murdock and Pastor Martin Hutchison will host a book-signing event for “Love Meets Life” on Friday at Olde Towne Deli in Downtown Salisbury.

Tara Ijai is the founder of Love Glasses Revolution, a line of sunglasses with heart-shaped lenses and an irresistible motto: “You can’t see hate with your love glasses on!”

Grace Foxwell Murdock, who led the successful effort to have Salisbury become the first U.S. World Kindness City and Pastor Martin Hutchison of Community of Joy Church in Salisbury are familiar with those glasses, some of which have been distributed through Murdock’s #kindSBY movement.

Ijai, who lives in Phoenix. Ariz., more recently compiled a collection of curated stories along the same lines, called “Love Meets Life.” Murdock and Hutchison both have stories in that newly published compilation, which is about to be released and is already available for order on Amazon. It was officially released Tuesday on the Barnes & Noble website.

Murdock and Hutchison have in their possession about 50 copies, which they plan to offer locally as signed copies on Friday on South Division Street by the Downtown Parking Garage.

The hours will be from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

“Proceeds will be split between KindSBY and the Community of Joy Church,” said Hutchison. “But mostly we just want to inspire people about love.”

“It’s a book to help people with comfort and healing,” said Murdock, “for both the authors and the world.”

“Each of us wrote our own story,” Martin said. “There are a total of 53 stories in that book and Grace and I are two of the 53 stories. It’s like having one story to read each week for a year, plus one extra week.”

The submissions were to be 1,000 words or less, and the topic was “how love shows up in our lives.”

The book, which is mainly local to Arizona with 33 of the 53 authors living in that state, but the rest are scattered across the United States and even from other countries around the globe, Hutchison said.

“Each story comes from unique circumstances and personal views of the writer,” he said.

Murdock compared it to the familiar “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series of short stories.

“My story is titled ‘From Bracelet to Banner’ and traces my drive to spread kindness from the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy to seeing the World Kindness City banner displayed across the front of the downtown Salisbury parking garage,” said Murdock. “It’s my journey from a tiny piece of jewelry to a city of kindness.”

Hutchison, meanwhile, wrote about his favorite topic – the Camden Community Garden.

“It’s titled ‘Growing More Than Veggies’,” he said, “and it examines the impact of church serving love through a garden.”

Other stories in the book address a daughter’s struggle to come to terms with her mother’s Alzheimer’s, and a young woman’s feelings about giving up her infant son for adoption, sharing her struggle and the love it took to reach that decision.

“It is a book that has such a wide array of diverse people, a journey with people you bring along and the hope you inspire. There’s such diversity, there’s bound to be something for everyone,” Murdock said.

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