Coach Tom Brown will be honored at August event

If your children or grandchildren have played sports in Salisbury you are probably familiar with the Tom Brown Rookie League. And like so many parents out there, I bet you feel a ton of gratitude toward Mr. Tom Brown himself. Not only is he a legend in the professional world of sports, he is our own hometown legend for his unwavering passion for teaching sportsmanship to players and their parents.Kimmy Hudson

Sports enthusiasts will remember Tom Brown for his accomplishments in two sports; football and baseball. He was the first man to play Major League Baseball and participate in two NFL Super bowls. Almost 40 years ago he made the decision to move to Salisbury to raise his family. His passion for sports led him to create the Tom Brown Rookie League to give children a safe place to enjoy sports without being critiqued. Through the years, over 3,500 players from Maryland, Delaware and Virginia have played in the league.

Ask any parent who has been a part of the Tom Brown Rookie League and you’ll hear the same thing; parents are expected to watch and not coach (yell, criticize, etc) their children. Being part of this league means children are given a chance to try a sport without fear of ridicule from other players or parents.

In June, Tom Brown will coach his last game. He is retiring from coaching but he will still be active in the Rookie League, turning the reins over to his daughter Jessie and serving as the Executive Director.

A Tom Brown Appreciation Night has been planned and all are invited. The date is Saturday, August 1st, from 4-7pm in the Rotunda Room at Salisbury University. Tickets are $45 each and available online This is a great way to celebrate the legacy of Tom Brown.

The Tom Brown Rookie League is a non-profit organization and has provided hundreds of scholarships to underserved students. Support is needed to help continue the legacy of Tom Brown and provide this experience to local children. Donations are being accepted to help with costs of equipment, insurance, facilities and coaching salary. All donations are tax deductible. You can go to their website, visit them at or send an email to

I’m looking forward to sharing more with you about Tom Brown and his family in the weeks to come. But for now be sure to mark your calendar and get your tickets to join our community on August 1st to celebrate the legacy of Tom Brown. What a great way to pay tribute to a man who has done so much for so many.

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