Housing Mission completes 100 projects in 2019

CHM board members, back row left to right: Bill Ferguson, Dave Mayonado, Rick Nelson, Stacey Norton, Dave Downes, Steve Hearne, Vernon Rivers and Dave Gutoskey. Front Row: Don Taylor. Inset: Maureen Williams.

Chesapeake Housing Mission, a local nonprofit organization performing critical home repair for those in need, completed its 100th project for the year on Dec. 7 — up from 85 in 2018.

Having been in a wheelchair for the past two years and struggling to get in and out of her home, CHM built a wheelchair ramp for an 80-year-old Fruitland woman. 

“As the only organization providing critical home repair to low income residents in the lower four counties of Maryland, we are very proud of this amazing milestone,” said CHM Executive Director Don Taylor.

“This has only been accomplished because of our local jurisdictions and CHM’s generous and supportive donors, sponsors, volunteers, staff, and partner agencies – all working together to take care of our fellow citizens,” Taylor said. 

Labor for the project was provided by CHM’s Board of Directors over a two-day period.

“I am so appreciative of all the time the board gives throughout the year and am especially proud that they volunteered to participate in this significant project,” said Taylor. 

“This ramp will help me with everything,” said Doris Saunders, the ramp recipient.

“I can now get in and out of my house and I can go places. I can go to the grocery store and get my hair done. I am so excited that I can leave my house and go to church. I haven’t been in several months. I want to thank God for all he has done for me including this wheelchair ramp.” 

The referral for the project came from Maintaining Active Citizens, one of CHM’s many partner agencies, skilled in assessing physical and financial need.

Partnerships with these local agencies help CHM to locate those with the greatest need and provide guidance to CHM on the projects that will improve the client’s living situations.  

“MAC has a long standing and supportive relationship with Chesapeake Housing Mission,” said MAC Executive Director Pattie Tingle.

“CHM’s ability to harness volunteers and attract resources to support our communities’ frail, aging, disabled and veteran populations makes life-changing impact for our rural underserved area,” Tingle said.

“Today’s shifting health care approach motivates seniors now, more than ever, to want to ‘age-inplace,’” she said. “That one place is most frequently their home, filled with a lifetime of memories and comfort. Many frail, low-income seniors are challenged to maintain their homes.  Safe entry and exit is critical and CHM helps make this possible. MAC is very grateful for the gap-filling assistance CHM provides.” 

“My sincerest hope is that everyone of us always remembers that we are all our brother’s keeper,” said Taylor. “We should be so thankful for our own blessings. May God Bless all who helped!”

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