Kim Hudson: Change your thoughts, improve your outcomes

The dreaded task of putting the Christmas decorations away is done. As much as I look forward to getting ready for the holidays, I detest the aftermath. I know it comes every year and I should be prepared, but the let down that comes after all the planning, prepping and anticipation is simply hard to handle. I don’t necessarily feel recharged with new goals, ready to start a new year – do you know what I mean?

I know January can bring about a lot of emotions for people. Maybe you spent too much money over the holidays or you were reminded once again of the challenging family dynamics you have. Maybe you are tired of thinking that a New Year will bring about – well – something new. Maybe too many years of unfulfilled resolutions and goals has left you a bit deflated.

As I was taking ornaments off my Christmas tree, I was thinking about what I could do to ward off the seemingly inevitable let down – which has only been made worse by the cold temperatures, I have to say.

Each ornament was like a walk down memory lane for me. I remembered the trip I took with the kids to Myrtle Beach and our annual week in the Outer Banks. The Starbucks ornament the kids gave their dad made me laugh and the collection we’ve given to our children made me smile.

I’m usually too busy (and I have helpers) when putting up the tree to take the time to enjoy each ornament. So instead of grumbling about doing this task by myself I decided to make the most of it. And it was awesome.

So much of what we do is controlled by our own thoughts – the whole glass half empty, half full debate. And I realized that the “let down” I was anticipating didn’t have to happen. Not if I didn’t let it, right?

I started changing my thoughts in the mornings a while ago. I’m not a morning person and I usually hit the snooze button a couple of times before dragging myself out of bed. When the alarm would sound my mind would start racing with negative thoughts; I can’t believe it’s time to get up, I’m so tired, Why don’t I feel rested? This was all before my eyes even opened.

Now I make a conscious effort to reframe my thinking. I tell myself I had a good night’s sleep and I’ll feel better if I just get up now. I’ll think of something that makes me smile – and you know what? It works.

I know it sounds simple, silly even, but that intentional effort of changing my thoughts has a great outcome. Our thoughts are powerful and we have more control over them than we think.

However you feel about a new year one thing’s for sure – it’s here. And maybe you are super focused and ready for whatever 2016 might bring your way. But if not, maybe intentionally changing your thoughts about – something – will steer you in a new direction.

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