Kim Hudson: Eat right or you’ll feel wrong

This past week has been a strange one for me. I’ve been tired and sluggish and really just low on energy.

I have nothing to contribute this to – no other symptoms or health issues. When I really thought about what might be causing me to feel this way it didn’t take long to figure it out.

It’s my diet.

For a solid week now, I don’t think I’ve eaten one fruit or vegetable. Fall activities for the kids have started so we didn’t eat at home one single night. Not one. Which means that we were grabbing dinner after practice, usually 8:00 or 9:00 at night. And mostly what we ate was junk.


The worst part is after just one week of eating this way, I am now craving junk food (fast food and snack items) and I’m lacking the motivation to get back to my healthy ways.

Eating healthy is hard work. It takes effort and planning and money and energy – none of which I have an abundant supply of right now. It becomes a vicious cycle.

The more you eat – the more you want, the more you want – the more you buy, the more you buy – the more you eat.

We are a culture obsessed with food and companies spend big money to get us to buy their products. But when are we going to wake up – I mean really wake up.

I was flipping through a magazine this summer while waiting for my children at the dentist. Page after page of this magazine was devoted to diet and weight. There were many ads for weight loss programs and articles about the best exercise and diet plans.

Then on the next page were ads for processed, unhealthy foods. I picked up a different magazine and found the same thing.

We have so many food choices it is overwhelming sometimes. We buy food, we waste food and we spend countless amounts of money on diet and exercise programs. Don’t you think those business executives are having a pretty good laugh over it?

I can hear them now, “We need to spend more money to market this new dessert which will only help increase our sales with our diet soda line.”

And the reality is that is exactly what they do and it works all the time.

Our children are not eating the way we did growing up. The amount of processed foods available now is so abundant we don’t even think about where it came from. But we have to do better. You know the old saying, “You are what you eat” – I’m a little afraid of what that means anymore.

Judging from the way I’ve felt the past week, my body is clearly sending me a message that enough is enough.

In our American culture we are surrounded by food – food choices, food sources, food advertisements. And this startling statistic lays heavy in my heart; while we fill our bellies, 16,000 other parents around the world will bury their starved children today.

When are we going to wake up?

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