Kim Hudson: Taking some time to explore our Downtown

I spent the best day with my daughter last week. She’s 11 and headed to middle school next year so when she made a list of 22 things for she and I to do together this summer, I made up my mind to try and accomplish as many as possible.

We drive past Downtown Salisbury almost every day on our way to and from home. For about a year now my daughter has asked if we could spend a day walking around and exploring downtown. We’ve been to 3rd Friday but she wanted to be able to spend the day there. So, we picked a day and that’s exactly what we did.

On our daily travels we pass Patsy’s Bridal store and we always enjoy looking at the dresses in the windows but Kennedy wanted to go inside and see the whole store. It was so much fun to look at the wedding dresses and to see her reaction to some of the prom and special occasion gowns. I don’t love to shop but browsing just for the fun of it was very enjoyable.

Our Downtown Plaza really is beautiful and when you take the time to see it from the eyes of a little girl (who really isn’t so little anymore) it can be downright breathtaking and whimsical. Who couldn’t use a little more whimsy in their life?

We had coffee at Main Roots, lunch at Mayabella’s – which, by the way, has awesome hand-dipped ice cream in addition to my favorite pizza. Our food journey would not be complete without a cupcake from Cake Art. It’s such a perfect place to be as girlie as you want to be. We stopped in Angello’s Unique Gifts, window shopped at Kuhn’s Jewelers and visited the businesses in the City Center. We threw pennies in the fountain and made wishes. We even got a rooftop view of downtown (shhh, don’t tell anyone).

We looked at the buildings and talked about what goes on inside them. We made our way down Main Street and headed to the Aviary to visit with the birds.

Have you been there yet? I’m not really a bird person but this place is incredible. It’s the Feathered Companion Aviary where they sell hand raised birds and supplies. Literally there are birds everywhere; in cages, on the ground, on perches, on your shoulder if you want them to be. It’s a little loud but somehow soothing at the same time. The birds are beautiful and Kennedy and I couldn’t get enough. It was a perfect way to spend the afternoon.

A quick trip to the library ended our day and we left Downtown full, happy and content. It is great being able to take some time to leisurely enjoy all our area has to offer. There doesn’t have to be anything going on – you can find beauty and whimsy and fun anywhere.

All it takes is a little time and a little imagination. Where will you explore this summer?

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