Lower Shore Enterprises plants winter garden

About 15 men and women who work at Lower Shore Enterprises are creating a new community garden, with a promise to donate crops to the Maryland Food Bank.

The four-bed garden is being prepared on Food Bank property, across the street from Lower Shore Enterprises on Owens Branch Road.

“We are partnering with them. All of the food we harvest will go to help the food insecure. Our individuals at LSE will be tending the garden a couple times a week, at least,” said Jenna Bowne, who handles marketing and public relations for LSE.

Beginning next week, they will plant winter crops such as cauliflower, winter squash and radishes.

The garden was made possible by the Community Foundation of the Lower Eastern Shore, from which LSE received a $3,800 grant and also accepted donations.

Baywater Farms provided soil, free of charge, and the county’s Solid Waste Division gave the gardeners the mulch.

“If all goes we’ll plan to expand in future years,” Bowne said.

“It’s a way for them to give back,” she said, explaining individuals have worked at other community gardens and are now excited to have their own.

“We’ve been really ramping up our volunteer community program. It will be part of their week. They have work that they do every day, then they have one volunteer opportunity, if not every day then multiple times a week,” Bowne said.

LSE staff also has social opportunities, such as going bowling and visiting museums and the Wicomico County Humane Society.

LSE has 120 workers 18 and older from the four Lower Shore counties.

“They are thrilled. They love the fact that the garden is right across the street.

“We also volunteer at the Food Bank, stuffing boxes and getting them ready. We’re very familiar with the Food Bank, going over their multiple times a week, so they are thrilled to be doing this,” Bowne said.

“They took part in every aspect of getting this garden ready and they are super excited.”


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