Participate in Random Acts of Kindness Week

The kind-hearted among us are urged to leave a dollar in a vending machine or maybe buy a $1 lottery ticket for a stranger during Random Acts of Kindness Week.

Nationally, the week is Feb. 17 to 23, but Salisbury’s Grace Foxwell Murdock, known as the Kindness Lady, took the liberty of extending it, locally, until Feb. 10 to 21.

Murdock and Salisbury Mayor Jake Day are collaborating on ways to propagate kindness as the Salisbury Jaycees sponsors its own campaign.

Day was expected to present a proclamation at this week’s City Council meeting declaring Random Acts of Kindness Week.

On Tuesday, he had flowers to distribute and both planned to pass out chocolate bars.

“We have one with a $1 billion wrapper around it. There is a 100 Grand candy bar attached to the back of it. They can give both away or give one away. There’s a poem on the back about kindness.

“We’re going to Dove Point. We will give out Smarties and gummy bears and ask them to share. We will end up at the police station,” Murdock said.

The Jaycees, for the fifth year, are hosting a Random Acts of Kindness movement with the goal of producing 500 acts throughout Salisbury and Wicomico County.

Community members who execute a nicety are asked to encourage recipients to be kind to someone else and everybody is urged to post about kindness on Facebook, using the hashtag #SBYRAK.

Cards are available for those who want to give them out when they perform a kind act, such as helping neighbors carry groceries or paying for someone’s coffee at a restaurant.

Cards are available by emailing Community Development Vice President D’Shawn Doughty at

“Scientifically, kindness makes our hearts healthier because the giver, the receiver and even people who witness and act of kindness, feel better from it,” Murdock said.

She is endorsing posting on the Facebook page Wicomico Grows Kindness.

“When one behaves in a kind way, he experiences a helper’s high. Kindness creates connections with people. It helps people look into your eyes,” she said.

“There are chemicals that are released in the brain that make us feel better. Every little act of kindness provides hope. That really is why I do it, to throw out a little kindness,” she said.

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