Wicomico DI teams do well in national competition

Destination Imagination teams from Wicomico High School, Parkside High School, Bennett Middle, Fruitland Intermediate and North Salisbury — along with 50 other Maryland teams — performed well as they competed with 1,400-plus teams and 8,000-plus students from around the world at the University of Tennessee.

Wicomico teams presented some awesome technical, scientific, fine arts, improvisation and service learning challenge solutions.

Wicomico County has become a credible presence at the MD State DI Tournament and Global Finals. Our teams have gained respect as the county continues to grow its program.

The successes are due to the commitment and support of the Wicomico County Board of Education and the dedication of school based DI facilitators who encourage student participation and teach problem solving skills.

Wicomico County team results:

North Salisbury School Mini Marvelous Marshmallows:         5th   place

North Salisbury School Maze Blazers                                     16th   place

North Salisbury School Mustache Mustangs                          20th place

Fruitland Intermediate School Boomerangs                             26th place

Bennett Middle School Legendary Llamas                                9th place

Wicomico High School DI of the Tiger                                 14th place

Wicomico High School Uncommon DI nominators                 31st   place

Parkside High School Carpe DIem:                                           32nd  place


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