Adopt-A-Block ministry voices appreciation

We want to thank you for the excellent coverage you gave our Adopt-A-Block ministry at Emmanuel Wesleyan Church in the Salisbury Independent newspaper.

I was not expecting such an extensive article, however, we are glad you did it that way.

We have received nothing but positive comments and even more inquires on how others can start this type of ministry in other areas of the community.

This is exactly what we have prayed for, we want a positive movement to take place in our community that will actually make Salisbury and Wicomico County an “All American City” that truly cares about the people.

I also want to say thank you to Salisbury Independent for the coverage of my program called Project Success, where youth from Wicomico County have been participating in a summer work program.

Again, thanks for giving us this exposure.


Mark S. Thompson

Coordinator for Equity Assurance and Student Mentoring

Wicomico County Board of Education


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