Darel La Prade: Thank you for making this newspaper possible

The Salisbury Independent is now officially a year old! And despite its relative youth, this newspaper prides itself on its relationship with you.

We’re your local newspaper — the one written of, by and for the people.

Already, it’s a special bond we developed, one that we do not – and will not – take for granted.

Many of you have watched the Independent grow from its first issue.

And, many of you became loyal readers and have remained loyal to us through the last 12 months – whether you love us or you curse us.

You feel this is your newspaper. That’s what we mean about the special bond we share.

How many other products or services make you feel this way?

Likely none.


Well, it’s because the local newspaper has genuine value and it may be more than you realize at first glance.

We connect you with your community.

We inform with news and advertising.

We also amuse and entertain with features and candid photos.

And, we provide the community with a unique forum where ideas and opinions can be shared freely. All the while, we do not tell you what to think.

We believe in giving you the information you need to make decisions as citizens and consumers.

And, we do so in a unique and responsible way as a First Amendment-conscious company whose profits are reinvested into community journalism, rather than passed along to disinterested shareholders, as is the case with our closest newspaper competitor.

We believe you read and advertise with the Independent because of our practices.

And, we want to tell you that your support has been an incredibly humbling experience. We are grateful to be a part of Salisbury and part of your lives. Thank you for this opportunity.

As we look ahead, it’s our intention to continue to grow and thrive as a newspaper and as a media company – carrying on our print success and building on it with digital offerings that our readers and the times demand.

We’re proud of our work, the care and pride our entire staff takes in assembling the newspaper each week. This publisher certainly loves finding the local stories that matter and the local stories that celebrate the community each week.

As we observe our first anniversary, we’re reminded of words spoken in 1954 by Jack Smyth, our company’s founder.

On the occasion of the first anniversary edition of the Delaware State News, our flagship daily in Dover, Mr. Smyth said:

“In our first editorial, just a year ago today, we declared, ‘This will be an honest newspaper — in every sense of the word. We intend to merit the good faith of our readers by reporting the news truthfully, thoroughly and accurately. There will always be a clear distinction between impartial news reports and editorial opinion.’”

On this first anniversary, we renew that pledge.

Mr. Smyth, at the time, said he was encouraged by the faith and confidence of the newspaper’s readers and pledged to bring local news to his community for the many years ahead.

We feel the same way.

So on this, the first anniversary of the Salisbury Independent, we echo and reiterate his pledge.

Thank you Salisbury for making this newspaper possible!

Darel La Prade is Publisher of the Salisbury Independent.


As your community newspaper, we are committed to making Salisbury a better place. You can help support our mission by making a voluntary contribution to the newspaper.
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