Don Sullivan: Vivid memories of Salisbury’s 1967 downtown

Sullivan col

In 1967 I came to Salisbury for an interview with Louis and John Hess. They were considering hiring me for their downtown store.

As I toured the downtown with my wife, we were immediately impressed with all the businesses on West Main Street and the attractiveness of the area.

I have seen many changes since then and certain things I remember.

Do you remember these?

  • Parking in downtown on West Main Street.
  • Doc Kaminitz at Central Drug.
  • Reads Drug Store and the restaurant in the basement.
  • Edward’s Shoe Store.
  • R. E. Powell and their Boy Scout Department.
  • Woolworth’s and their lunch counter.
  • White & Leonard Stationery Store.
  • The beautiful 1st National Bank with Howard Hayman and Bill Nelson.
  • Hess Apparel with free alterations and a hat shop.
  • Hess Junior Shop and the Junior Fashion Board.
  • White’s Jewelry Store.
  • Benjamin’s, Watson’s Smoke Shop.
  • Feldman’s Furniture Store.
  • Bill Riordon’s Fashion Shop.
  • Mrs. Berger’s Dress Shop.
  • Ralph and Gaskill’s Men’s Shop.
  • And, going around the corner: the Saddle Club and Vernon Powell on North Division Street.

With that great listing of businesses, who would have known that Kuhn’s Jewelry Store would be the only retail shop to survive?

Don Sullivan, a retired longtime buyer for the Hess family’s stores, lives in Salisbury with his wife, Sue.



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