Former Public Works director thanks colleagues for service

As with any change in leadership that occurs rapidly, it is often difficult to spend the time highlighting the accomplishments and relaying the thank you’s of the organization that one leads.

When I took over as Public Works Director less than two years ago, the department had been decimated by the recent recession with a 30 percent reduction in road maintenance staff and operational cost overruns in the Solid Waste Division.

Despite this grim reality, staff and I began working together to find new and innovative ways to do more with less.

I am proud to say that in this short time more county roads have been paved or treated, in the last two years, than have been done in the previous six years combined.

The Solid Waste Division cut costs to close a $900,000 operational shortfall and county-wide recycling efforts have increased by nearly 5 percent. These are just a few accomplishments of the men and women that serve our community through Public Works.

While I was the director, the staff did all the heavy lifting and I cannot thank them enough for their support and dedication to this county.

It has been a career goal of mine to be the Wicomico County Public Works director and I appreciate the time I was given to serve the residents of Wicomico County.

I wish everyone in the department well with the new direction and I know you all will show the new leadership the trust and support you have shown me.

Thank you all!

I wish you the best as you continue to be the professionals that keep the gears of our community moving.

Lee Beauchamp is the former Wicomico County Public Works director.

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